Benchmark approaches

I would like to know how you guys usually benchmark your games.

Seeing the reviews of the testers I figured that I have a very different approach to bench games and I’m not sure whether it is a matter of taste, priorities. Probably I’m wrong and I would appreciate your input.

Most ruining experience for me are things like tearing, no smooth motions, judders, especially in VR but also in 2D.

So I usually try to match the fps to the refreshrate of my display and go from there. (freesync was awesome and left some headroom to configure but does not work with my current setup unfortunately)

I increase desired ingame graphic settings until I see fps jumping between values.
Right now with my 1080ti I can usually max everything (4k@2D) but had to try and error with older cards and with my Vive even if it meant sacrificing resolution/SS or other ingame settings.

So basically my approach is “how much stuff do I need to drop to get the most smooth constant experience”

The testers were aiming for the resolution though and some results were shocking because a lot of tested games got below 80Hz/90Hz. So that way it is much harder to compare results.
While constant motion is desirable in every game, resolution
changes may not be that bad depending on the game.

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