Before It's News: Pimax 8K "M3" (software update)

I have thought: There are 45 Video of Berlin, so perhaps some backers have missed

These are some refinement of next “M3” production

  • Brightness Adjustment
  • 60 HZ mode for movies
  • Another face cushion for more space for glasses

Thank’s to @SweViver and the CEO of Pimax. They are great Guys!!!


If it’s only software changes it’s the same device, aka M2.


Yes, of course…

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It’s extremely unlikely there will be a “m3” per say, instead They will probably just have the “retail version” which will be what they ship to us. This could be the same as or only slightly different than the m2 but the changes would likely only be cosmetic.

Tldr: if they make a 3rd iteration, it would likely just be called the “retail version” which they will sell

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I have the feeling the m2 will not be the retail version… but we will see…its just a feeling

question is do we get this update before delivery ? @deletedpimaxrep1
at least the first one and colour adjustment


Will update when these is a new software version!


I don’t see the point of 60hz mode, unless it allows a higher resolution?

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If there is a 60hz mode, I hope you can use 60hz mode in games as well as movies, and higher resolution would be great.

The question with a higher resolution is whether or not the 8K’s scaler chip can handle non linear input resolutions.

72hz would be far better for movies than 60hz, because that would be an even multiple of the 24fps movies are shot in.