Beatsaber No Parallel Projections Fix

I got tired of playing beatsaber with Parallel Projections/ cross eyed lighting. so may I present to you!


This mod Fixes beatsaber’s lighting for all Pimax users, This allows you to have non cross eye’d vision without Parallel Projections!

GitHub Release: Release PiFix1.7.2 · guppyexpress/PiFix · GitHub

just thought i should post it here to help everyone out!

EDIT: updated for latest version of beatsaber


Can the fix be made into a universal patch for unity engine in MelonLoader?

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Hi Chaos! sadly i can not as different games call their light objects different things. that would require a separate custom mod for every game made in unity for vr. and i do not have the time or funding to start such an endeavor. i will continue to keep the beatsaber mod updated though. as well as most of the time the cross eyed rendering is caused by a camera problem from the engine. which would be significantly more work. and i have to take care of my personal well being and life. doing such an endeavor would be wonderful to do. but alas i require money to survive and i just can not make a living off of that. so in conclusion.
is it possible?
can i do it?
no not without funding and countless hours of work. that i just do not have
i hope this can clear things up for you :smiley: and i hope you enjoy the mod