Beat Saber settings?

had a search around but results are mixed & from a while back. Anyone have recommendations on settings for Beat Saber with the 8kx? latest drivers/pitool, I’m looking for advice on parallel projections, smart smoothing, hidden area mask, etc. Other things like supersampling, pitool quality etc I am open to suggestions, but given that is system performance specific I can figure that out later.

I will be playing in upscaled mode for higher framerate on normal FOV - also partly as I’m using a 10m optical displayport & USB extension to another room that worked flawlessly for my 5K XR that I do not expect to work in native mode… this could also mean I have to turn the refresh down, remains to be seen.

System is an 8700k @ 5ghz (watercooled) with a 2080 Ti.


After a bit of experimentation (apologies if this is pretty well established), I am having a great experience with the following:
PP on
hidden area mask off
smart smoothing off
FOV normal

Perhaps a bigger surprise - I am able to use my 8KX in native mode using a 10m displayport extension as well as a 10m usb extension. The specific DP I bought is no longer on amazon but the details are as follows:
UGREEN Displayport 1.4 Cable, Fiber Optic DP to DP Cable 10m, purchased February 2019 on Amazon UK

along with a displayport coupler:

this USB extension:


Nice…! :+1::upside_down_face:

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