Basic Things Pimax can do to improve their Image

I’m no Marketing Expert. I’m just SOME Guy.

Here’s my opinion anyways.

  1. Proof Read ALL Marketing Material.

No one wants to see Broken English on a Headset Advertisement that they are buying.

  1. Focus on what Pimax does differently from it’s competitors. ‘Currently FOV

I’m not @SweViver but you guys really need videos of people testing other headsets against Pimax Headsets Side by Side and let them do the talking. It’s pretty hard to get a convention going at this time but you can make use of your other biggest resource: THIS FORUM, There are definitely many many REAL testimonials about how FOV really makes a difference if there wasn’t we wouldn’t be here.

  1. Increase the Warranty to 2 years.

This might sound crazy to you guys but Pimax do you really want to give Amazon a cut of the profits for every headset sold or do you prefer to keep all of it. Ask yourself that question. Right now because of Laws in Europe you need to provide 2 years warranty to a substantial customer base anyways.

From what I’ve read people mainly recommend Pimax headsets But NOT Directly from Pimax Retail. People are willing to wait for Amazon just to guarantee they won’t have a bad experience. This shows a huge lack of trust between you and the consumer. This is the very first step in bridging that trust.

  1. Reverse the image of ‘An uncomfortable headset’

Thankfully a lot of groundwork has been done by Pimax to reverse this but the damage over the past few years is going to take a lot of time and energy to reverse. I’ll give my own reviews about the SMAS and the comfort factor but I’m sure it can’t be worse than the cloth strap. This needs to be HIGH up in your priority list to correct once it becomes widely available. The Index sells well not just because of Price and Accessibility but overall comfort.

  1. Please get a better website and find a way to merge your storefronts.

I don’t need to be creating 3 different accounts for Pimax, there needs to be ONE Unified account that manages Support and the Store. This actually needs to be put way high up in your priority list. You want your customer’s online experience to be as seamless as possible and with as little friction as possible. People want to spend their money they do not want to get turned off by confusing websites. Again many people here in the forum will be kind enough to provide feedback. Please listen and get an operational website that is a pleasure to use soon. Thanks.

@PimaxQuorra @PimaxVR


I’d like to add to point #2: please instate a 30 day return policy as well, or at least a 14 days. This is a huge selling point which Amazon offers, and is a very big reason why many people are afraid to order directly from the website. The $100 premium for Amazon listed items may seem steep at first, but when you contrast that against the $60 shipping cost on the website and factor in that you’re losing the return window, it doesn’t make much sense to order direct.

The current policy states you can’t return after you sign for the item, which is pretty crazy. I’ve yet to come across another online retailer that operates in that way.


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