Basestations and Controllers - Shipping estimates?

Since it’s more or less quite about this I thought I would pick it up again - some official response would be nice.(sorry for being a pain in the a…)

I saw that the Steam Versions are send out end of June ( scroll down - they are orderable and have a shipping date)

So any clues on when the PiMax Versions are gone hit the road?


Probably not much before the Valve ones get to customers. Hopefully not too long after that, either.


Well it would be nice to get an estimate a bit more then Q3/Q4 or at least some teasing information. Would be nice to see a bit more what they are working on … (well might just be me).


Problem is when Pimax answers here questions about timelines or teaser info they are swamped with more questions like a pack of wolves asking when their next meal is coming up so Pimax just does what they always do and they wing to give us what we want to hear rather than exact details which aparently they don’t even know even after 1.5 years.


You are of course right - none the less - you have to feed the wolves to keep em alive ;-).
And even if they don’t - there is enough “discussion” without any info also.
More sad is the fact that this arises the suspicion of what you said even more so - hope they have it all scheduled and in production already. (caution - dreaming on).

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