Base stations "very soon" or late march 2020

I see in the email the following table:

I’m not going to follow any upgrade plan and I don’t want to pay $179 for knuckles when they cost $300 new. But I have waited long enough for the bases and I understand that I will have to wait until they send me bases and sword sense together. Now, I will use my 100$ credit from change from 8K to 5K+ in the hand tracking or comfort kit+10 metres cable, the question is:

Can I use this shipping to get ahead of the bases? Why do I have to be penalized in front of other backers that will change the sword sense for the kuckles and they will receive the bases before me? I’m backer 326 and I’ve trusted Pimax from the very beginning.

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I agree. It feels like being penalised for not taking the index controller deal or an upgrade plan.

I hope this is just a mistake, else its yet another u turn by pimax from previous statements & what was said on pimax day 1


Maybe we need a Plan H - Please send me everything as soon as it becomes available! Purchase disqualifies Backer from using any other Upgrade Plans.


Perhaps we can raise a support ticket to get base stations shipped early if we buy controllers elsewhere?

My concern with that chart is that they list controllers as March 2020, which is when the plain Sword controllers are scheduled for, not the Sword Sense. Does that mean they only plan to give backers the basic version, not Sword Sense?

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I want this Plan H.


How soon is “very soon”?


In the end it is economical to send them together. They were already promised soon month ago, if they wanted to ship them separately they would have already been out quite a while…

I would guess its a *from date & sense should still be on the table.
In reality we are probably looking at mid 2020 minimum


Yes we were told we would all be getting them soon, a while back.
Due to the huge delays, backer frustration & previous statements, waiting another 5 - 8 months+ shouldn’t be an option.


It is clear that it is cheaper to send everything together, but the delay is not our fault. I see another obvious maneuver so that we pay the $ 179 of the plan f and they benefit from the best price that makes Valve for the set bases + knuckles

This is unfortunate, I was expecting to get the basestations soon, like this year, so I could finally build my secondary VR space :frowning:

Anyway @PimaxVR thanks for the update, you should do that more often and regularly.


I was really hoping to receive the base stations “very soon” and buy the controllers from Valve. Christmas holidays are coming up and I really want to start dusting of my Pimax 5k+ and start putting it to good use!

The controller upgrade package is not an option. In addition to the $179 for the upgrade, you’d also need to pay shipping costs ($60?) and perhaps taxes. That brings it to ~ $240. If I order at Valve, it would cost me $300 (taxes and shipping already included). So in effect this upgrade is a $60 refund if I opt out of the Pimax Controllers. Somehow that does not seem like a good deal for me. Surely the Pimax Controllers are worth more than $60?

I’d much rather pay Valve $300 for their controllers, and then in March receive the Pimax controllers.

However if the base stations will also not arrive until March, that plan is also useless for me. I understand there are double shipping costs involved by not bundling them, but Pimax is also shipping me the other stretch goals, at different dates.

So here are some proposals I think are fair for both Pimax and backers:

  • Give backers the option to ship the base stations now, and hold off on all the other stretch goals and send them together with the controllers in March in one package.
  • Give backers an option to opt out of the controllers for a fair refund or coupon to spend on, for example eye tracking or the wireless module, comfort kit, or other accessories, but get send the base stations now.
  • Just send them now and take the loss on the shipping costs and show some goodwill to the backers to make up for all the delays and troubles.

I do not want them to hold off on my audio strap (even the basic version), or the face cushions. I hope they could pack all together (sans controllers) and ship it before the end of this year, then I would wait happily for the controllers alone for another year or two.


Vote for that plan H too

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As the shipments are coming from the Florida office, maybe @PimaxUSA can weigh in on the feasibility of getting the basestations now and Swords later.

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Why can Pimax not ship the base stations with the headstraps and the controllers separately rather than the headstrap on its own and the base stations with the controllers? It really wouldn’t be a great cost to bear and they need to make some concessions here rather than make out they are doing us all a favour by selling us more things when they haven’t delivered on what we backed.


Yes they say they’ll be sending us the MAS, why can’t base stations come in the same box?


Yes, they could make it that way, but what I’m asking is not even harmful from an economic point of view for Pimax, what I’m saying is that they send the bases taking advantage of the shipping of hand tracking I will buy in January with my 100$ credit.
I have opened the following ticket: “Same shippment for hand tracking and bases (#19766)”, I will wait for an answer.

Reasons some have to wait until March 2020 to get base stations with Sword controllers rather than ‘just’ basestations - if you don’t want Valve Index controllers might be:

  1. Stock of basestations is limited. Links to…

  2. Pimax have to order basestations,wait for Valve to ship to them, then ship them out to Pimax customers. This takes considerable time to wait and cannot be expedited by Pimax. Waiting for something out of control of a vendor, annoys customers. Perhaps Pimax thought this and considered if the option to buy basestations alone (e.g. without Valve Index controllers) is removed, then you can’t order straight away, hence if this is halted as a policy, then you aren’t technically waiting!

  3. The cost of shipping two seperate items to backers, costs you the end user, even more money by purchasing items twice. E.g. $30 x2. Pimax know disaffected or positively hostile backers (or trolls) exist. They’re aware to damage Pimax’s reputation, anonymous individuals will leap at an opportunity to ‘expose’ Pimax and post faux concern all over the Internet. E.g. “OMG my Index controllers cost me $60 more from Pimax than RRP I’ll never buy Pimax again”.

So to prevent all of the above happening, which is genuinely orchestrated by demand exceeding supply (which is out of Pimax’s control as Valve control who gets basestations as they manufacture them), then a business decision was probably made to decide a blanket policy of March 2020, to maximise company profits and reduce online trolling by fake ‘outraged’ customers.

I never fail to notice on this forum, that the most demanding of threads or most emotional of replies, aren’t from backers - despite nearly all threads concerning backers problems.

I imagine infiltration to destabilise Pimax via negative online posting, is rife and they probably grew tired of it.

In my view Pimax made the right decision, maybe learning from past experiences to be upfront now and tell folk to wait 4 months than other options. Long term, this may have a more positive outcome than immediate backlash, which is time limited (4 months max of complainants).

Complaints that will dwindle when first backers in America enthuse all over Youtube, possibly as early as Christmas 2019 (7 weeks away) how pleased they are with their new headsets.