Base station and controllers Pimax 5K plus

hi everybody
I am waiting 3 months for the base stations and controllers, no information, no online support, what worries me most is that on a facebook page of pimax, I learned that they will not deliver until March. it’s true? do you have any info ???

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Okay from the top.

  • LHes are said to start shipping 3 to 4 weeks
  • Controllers not ready til Mar(Nonsense Sword) & June(Sword Sense) maybe.
  • Possible expensive switch to receive Index Controllers instead. Wait till this is ironed out & represented 3rd week of Oct.

What support are you needing? Other than some hiccups on support portal. Support is available though team out of office til monday next week(China National Day).

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2 months have passed since your reply, and still nothing at all. why do you talk and give assistance if then you don’t even know what happens? in China, the national holiday is over 2 months ago, how will the statio base deliver them to me? are coming on foot from China ???