Base Station 2.0 Tracking appears and disappears until a restart?

Ive been having issues with tracking since day 1 almost. I see pitool sees the base stations and theyre blue. Then sometimes it just disappears and i have to play with restarting the headset or restarting the service, until it comes back. It just happens randomly. Usually its when i switch on steamVR, then they appear in the steamVR window, but after a few seconds they disappear and it says “searching” for the headset.

Does anyone else have to play with restarting the headset until the base stations catch on and work normally?

Are you turning the lighthouses off or just leaving them on? I’ve had mine on for 4 years now no problems.

I put them to sleep mode, and then turn them back on before i even start up the computer.
I dont think that should matter with this issue.

It would be worth trying I think I did that at first then decided to leave them on.

But how do you have them on for 4 years if SteamVR 2.0 came out about a year ago
Or did you mean 1.0?

Mine are 1.0 sorry. I also know people have a problem being too close to the base station move them away as far as you can.

I only responded to you because I saw no one had responded. I figured I would help if I could.

I have 4x 2.0 Base Stations and they’re not that close, the closest one is at least 5-6 feet away.
Thanks for the insight though. I think there may be something else wrong though… Im just not sure what it is.

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