Base station 1.0 blinking blue / green

Hello, this is not related to my 5k+, but was wondering if anyone has encountered this problem before. I have this base station that I bought used in 2019 when I got my pimax, lately it started doing a strange thing: when I turn it on it stay green without issues, tried even for an hour, the station become hot, but it has always done that, when I turn on my 5k+ it initially works fine, then start doing 10s green light then a flash of blue, then after some time it goes worse, shortening the green time alternating to blue light.
On google I got the information that blue means that the base station feels “unstable”, but it’s always in its spot on my shelf, I never moved it, it’s pretty solid.
After some trial I get that cooling the base station for a while get me 20/30 minutes max of work, then it goes mad again.
Is there something I can do? a firmware update, an hardware mod? Or do I have to throw away this one and get another?
Thank you

The base failure mode does not depend on whether you turn on your headset or not. It should behave exactly the same with or without one (depending probably only on the time).

What does exactly mean this:

Is it mounted to the fixed mount? If not, I would suggest starting with it, either fixed to the shelf, or to something heavy, that could absorb the vibration. From my experience v1 bases, especially when aging can vibrate a lot and the vibration can move the base if it is not fixed.


No, I don’t have a fixed mount, but the base station has a soft pad in the bottom side. So it’s not enough, I’ll try to get to something in the weekend, I have a 3d printer, let’s see if I can build a solid one.

I have 2 V1s bought used around 2019 as well. One is mounted directly to a plaster wall. the others is alligator clamped to a large bolt attached to a plaster wall so it isn’t as tightly fastened. The latter one actually runs slightly cooler despite being less tightly attached.
Neither get hot even when left on for a couple of days (I usually turn off after sessions with in-line switches).
You might try point a fan at to see if cooling it down helps in the short term. Heat means wear. If one of the motors is wearing out then it it may be only a matter of time to total failure. Certainly when one of the motors gets weak the sweep of the laser will eventually be affected.
Thing about used is we never know just how used. :smiley: gl

Update: I built a small pedestal using this and a 3d printed plate (the end result in the photo below), but the issue is still there without external help for cooling, pointing a fan to the base station is working, after some minutes the base station get back to solid green light. So I will go on with the fan until it die, and search for another one.

The idea of the fixed mount is making the base immovable. I am not sure how the printed plate helps with that. Is it glued to the shelf? Anyway, since it seems it is heat related, it might not matter.

Just out of curiosity, what is displayed on the segment display? It looks like “t”.

It’s a b, the only mode I think should work (master without slaves).

Cooling with a fan is working, 4 hours without a issue; I made another stand with the mount for the fan I had at home and a little of wiring to take the 12v from the base station power supply.
I hope it will last enough, since the base stations 1.0 and 2.0 are scarce and pricey on the used market too.

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