Bad stuttering playing BeatSaber

Is anyone getting bad stuttering issues in Beatsaber ? I have a super high end 2080TI system that used to run Beatsaber well, but in the past few months it will play for maybe 10 or 20 minutes then get bad CPU & GPU spikes until I shut down the game and reload, then it may run for another 10 minutes or so. I’ve lowered the Beatsaber graphics, the super sampling, I’ve disabled Norton and other background tasks I could find. I’ve tried various Pitool settings to no avail.

I’m running Pimax 5K XR BE. I’m on Pitool 132 as I had issues with everything after that. 132 used to run pretty well on the few games I play but I don’t know if steam updates or what hosed it up.

I’m surprised that no new PiTools seem to have been released for months since v180 despite many people having various issues. Is it even supported anymore? They use to put out updates every month but I don’t see that now. Is there anyone doing a better job with the open sourced version I heard was released?

I thought I saw a reference to a bug prone 120Mhz version but that makes no sense to me as I have difficulty getting anything to run smoothly at 72 or 82hz, why would anyone even attempt 120Mhz with Pimax?

I was an early backer and love the wide FOV, but have found the stability of Pimax to be terrible since it’s introduction. After many hours of frustration, I have gotten certain games to run well for short periods of time, but it’s a constant battle and I have a BA in Computer Science!

.180 is the version they link to from the official download page:

There’s actually something for You (5KXR) too:

Black Level Adjustment for XR series

I’m using .197 and an happy with that. It seems to be they’ve optimized BrainWarp considerably, but others are not happy about it (artifacting, judders etc.):