Backers with track-number near christmas

Please, could you post here your kickbacker number if you receive it these days?
Then we could now if our headset is nearly here or not.
Pimax have many built headsets but we don’t really know how many have been sent.

Received 5K+ yesterday, backer #491, New Jersey. I did not get tracking from Pimax, I signed up for UPS My Choice(free) after seeing others do it here. Label was created Tuesday the 18th, delivery Thursday the 20th, then voided. Another label created, Wednesday the 19th, delivery Thursday the 20th, then they said, “sorry, shipping won’t happen today.” That label eventually was updated to say it was coming Friday the 21st, and it did.

Some received theirs through USPS, so I’d sign up for their service too.

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Better idea is to post on the Backer Tracker. Thanks for posting your info, Cazman321!

According to the Backer Tracker, we’re up to 738!