Backers must BUY the thick foam now

If you go to Neal_white_iii’s post “Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your 8KX”, it mentions that if you need the other face foam, to open a support ticket. Well, I did and I was told to buy it.
So if you’re waiting on Pimax to send you a thick foam face pad, it ain’t gonna happen.
Now the big question is, if I order it, what year will I get it? They said the cable was in stock, I wonder if the face foam has the same ‘status’?

Edit: I’m guessing that I lost out because I used plan ‘C’. I’m also guessing that this means that I’m also screwed out of the KDMAS. Nice. Well, with all that confusion, they got what they were looking for: a reduced cost of supporting backers!

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But can’t you still buy Stretch Goals Box at a reduced price? I do remember somewhere in August or September they promised to sell those to all ppl who got out.

Personally got 3 foams altogether: thin with 8KX and thin and thick in the Stretch Goals box.

I’d consider buying the Stretch Goals box (since I’ve forfeited mine too), but I haven’t seen it offered for purchase yet.

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@PimaxQuorra: Pimax promised 2 foams. If that policy has changed, I’m concerned for Pimax’s reputation. If they continue to break their promises, no one will ever believe anything they say in the future.


Didn’t Kevin say multiple times that we were all to receive both a thick and thin foam?


Yes but when, was 4 october I sent a ticket about it and 13 october they sad we will send it now its 14 december still nothing :frowning:


I have received a few emails saying that they are about to send it but nothing has happened. What a joke.


I actually eventually received my second face foam after lodging a ticket. They mailed it out. Have you kept the ticket alive by bumping it every 14 days?


I just received a new cable for which I filed ticket in the beginning of September and which it appears was sent out in the beginning of October. I had no tracking or news about the ticket and then suddenly it dropped into the post box. Until then I was sure they forgot about it.
It seems postal service is not working well at all in the world this year.


@PimaxQuorra can you look into why Pimax is now telling 8kX purchasers they need to buy the thick foam they were supposed to receive? And told to submit a ticket to receive it?

I believe all plans were opting out of stretch goals as I recall. So if so; then yes you will not receive the KDMAS as it was part of the Kickstarter Stretch Goals.

You were also supposed to get a thick foam with your 8kX purchase. Due to communication issues the addition thick foam did not ship & folks were told to file a ticket and it would be shipped later.

Guessing you didn’t take an upgrade plan?

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I claimed the thick facial foam that was missing from my pre-order package of the pimax 8kx, ordered in March and received in November. I also claimed the hinges with the correct angle for the SMAS. And I asked again about shipping the Deluxe headphones to upgrade the SMAS, as my order was with DMAS. Well, I have kept the ticket alive every 15 days and they only ask if I have already received the foam. I insist again but they say that they send it as soon as possible. My thoughts towards Pimax is that they won’t send me anything. They have already done their advance business charging me for the PIMAX 8KX with DMAS and shipping it after 7 months with the SMAS and a single fine foam. At least I have the consolation that the 8KX at the moment are working well. But since I don’t expect to receive anything else from them, I have canceled and requested a refund from DMAS. I have created a Sennheiser headphones for my Pimax that listen tremendously well and integrate into the SMAS perfectly.
Which seems funny to me and I am ignoring the emails from pimax about the payment of VAT that they are claiming me.
If they do not comply with their sales of incomplete products or with the delivery deadlines, that if they do send something, how can they ask their clients to be responsible and that we pay them for shipping errors without going through customs? When they comply with what I paid and expected to receive, it will be when I consider paying VAT as long as they also give me a correct invoice.

And on the other hand this is the first and last time that I buy something from Pimax. For me this is not a serious company, they should change their way of selling and offering the products, especially being honest about availability and delivery times.

I’m just crossing my fingers so that I don’t have a fault with my 8KX and I never have to do an RMA. That could be death.

Greetings to all.

The Deluxe Headphone module is not released yet so no one has the DMAS with the 8kX. These Speaker modules are slated to ship to those whom paid for it when ready. You would just swap out the Standard Audio Above ear Module once you receive the Deluxe Module.

Well this of course would cancel you receiving the Deluxe module when available. However can appreciate your annoyance with the lengthy delays as they started pre Covid.

Which to your other point on the requesr to pay the VAT. With your Deluxe Module refund (think around $99 :us:?). They would need to have the VAT re evaluated and as you have requested provide you with a proper receipt detailing tge change and explaining the VAT charges breakdown.

Would you be willing to share your mod with pics and details ie Sennheiser headphone model.

With the 8kX to help speed up deliveries they opted to pay the import fees and request reimbursement at a risk. However you are in your rights to request proper documentation of the import charges. So yes it did go through customs.

This is indeed something they need to fix up. Otherwise most will choose not to order direct due to unreliability; opting to pay more through other channels like Amazon for better peace of mind with shipping times and availability.

I put some photos of the mod for Sennheiser HD100 headphones ($ 20), with a spectacular sound. These images are totally improvised but I could create a little tutorial with the steps I have done. Only a 3D printer is needed, I have created the design of the parts to insert them into the SMAS housing. With this mod that I have invented, I have all the necessary movements and adjustments so that the headphones fit perfectly to my ears, and I can remove the 8KX without any fuss.

Pieza movil


I have also created a 350 gram counterweight, which replaces the rear pad, is fully integrated and compensates for the weight, making the 8KX extremely comfortable. It is a sheet of lead wrapped in cloth.


Excerpt from Pimax weekly update 23 July 2020 posted by @PimaxQuorra

Answer : Yes, 2 foams will be included with all upcoming 8KX shipments. The missing foam from the first 8KX batch shipments will be delivered to you along with the Stretch Goal Box.*

Excerpt from Pimax weekly update 9 September 2020 posted by @PimaxQuorra

Also, some people have inadvertently received only a single foam either the thin or thick foam and would like the extra foam. If you own an 8KX and need to request either of these items please create a support ticket and we will ship these parts directly to you.

The implication is that all purchasers (backers and pre-orders) would receive two foams, and if not, the second foam would be provided free of charge. My 8KX came with the thin foam. I raised a ticket immediately I received the 8KX, and the thick foam arrived by snail mail about two months later.


Awesome thanks for sharing are you 3dprint files available on some place like Thingsverse?

Your counterweight is pretty cool as well. Though did you use Pewter as Lead these days is considered to be hazardous and not used as much anymore. When it used to be used for everything at one time.

Thank you Troz for providing this info and update date referencing what update.

Here is the link for the update. For those whom have or are filing a ticket. I would suggest including the link to the update with the quoted answer on 2 foams.

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