Backer Upgrade Plan vs Current Owner Upgrade Plan

Hi @Matthew.Xu @PimaxUSA @SweViver @PimaxVR,

we need offical statements for the questions at the bottom of my post to end the confusion regarding both plans and to avoid further support tickets which got different results so far. Please skip my user journey as needed if too long to read and go straight to the questions.

I’m a First 8K Full Package Ever backer who not switched to a 5K+. My initial goal was to keep all my stretch goals (especially the MAS), base stations and upgrade to Index controllers. Both Pimax Day presentations were great and I was hooked immediately expecially as I saw the Elite Dangerous screenshots :star_struck: .
Because there was no other option available I preordered my 8KX Deluxe Audio via Plan D keeping the Eyetracker on soon as the shop stabilised, so I opted out all other stretch goals.
I revisted the shop 2 days after and I realised the Owner Upgrade Program. Later this option was advertised as solution for my initial goal by Matthew.

On top I realised that the Owner Upgrade Program provided the same discount like my Plan D combo :open_mouth: :

I contacted the support via ticket #19375 the last two days to switch to the current owner upgrade plan to be able to keep my stretch goals. Unfortunately this was denied, in contrast there were various positive reports from other backers in the forum who could either order via the current owner upgrade plan or could get their stretch goals back for free. :dizzy_face:

I’m now confused and disappointed at the same time, instead of being satisfied pre-ordering your top-end device in the highest configuration :disappointed_relieved:.

Could you please provide an official statement for the following questions:

  • Why the Current Owner Upgrade Program provide the same discounts compared to Plan D opt out all stretch goals except eye tracking?
  • Is it possible for backers to pre-order a 8K+/X via the Owner Upgrade Program?
  • If it is not possible, how we can preorder a 8K+/X keeping all the stretch goals and still get a discount?
  • If I had choosen e.g. Plan D and pre-ordered, can I change afterwards to keep my stretch goals and what I have to do?



I not switched to a 5k+

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Oops… My mistake xD
You’re right though. That makes no sense. The cost should be quite a bit less. 1300$ is the base price, and there’s a 100$ discount supposedly (bottom left of graphic), and the stretch goals are worth like 250$ (less if you keep eye tracking).

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@Matthew.Xu @PimaxUSA What’s the deal with this?

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BTW Current Owners may include people who bought their HMDs on Ebay and paid even less than KS backers.

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I can not get so i can chose the backer options :frowning:

Hmmm… Current pimax owners could also include Pimax 4k, Pimax B1, Pimax Pro & those who bought the phone holder. :beers::upside_down_face::+1::sparkles:


Get your $h1t right… You promised a big discount for backers, all I see is that crappy deal… Are you kidding us?

this would be nice, I still have a trusty 4K here but unfortunately you can only select a 8K, 5K+ or 5K XR in the plan as owned headset

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This is simple. You are penalized for being a backer. They know you are really interested in pimax HMD’s so they want to maximize profits from you. When all these backer “discounts” are over they can then drop the price to attract new buyers.


As always, whatever pisses off backers the most is what they do.


Pleas answer toh this. I do not want the Stretch Goals, but the 8KX must be cheaper then.

Guess this is kind of an answer regarding the discount comparison of both plans. :+1:

But the other questions still need an answer though.


With that additional discount I will stay with plan D and ask the suppport to correct my invoice after I received the discount, so I also save vat at the customs in case they ask for my invoice.