Backer Upgrade Plan F has shipping cost added to it

Was just about to buy Upgrade Plan F when I saw it had $40USD Delivery cost added to it, after Pimax said, on multiple occasions, that the $179USD Included shipping and handling costs.
Every time I want to buy the plan, something goes wrong, come on Pimax, when will it be ready?
@Matthew.Xu @SweViver @PimaxUSA @PimaxVR

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This has happened again what is going on? First $80 then nothing and now $40. This isnt right as within the kickstarter we paid for shipping


Just ordered F and got $35 shipping to UK - what gives?

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Also do we know when these will ship?

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Hmm I didn’t get any shipping cost with plan F. You can purchase first and make a ticket to refund it.

When did you purchase?
I’d rather not give them extra money and hope that they feel like giving it back

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I paid on the 5th and got charged 60$ for shipping. Then the backer site came up and shipping was free. Made a ticket and havent heard anything back about a refund. Also couldnt find anyplace to cancel the order and reorder but I guess if theyre charging shipping again whats the point. I shouldve just bought the rift for 200$ that was being sold on FB marketplace

I meant @TOOOOHKA, since they apparently had free shipping but there was a time where there was a shipping cost, then there was a period of free shipping but the shipping fee is back up so I’m wondering when they paid

Wait… Wow. I purchased it two days ago with no shipping cost and now found $35 shipping in current plan F.
How amazing… :rofl:

Yeah, im more or less upset about that. Every time i try to buy it, something goes wrong

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I wish I had your foresight!

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Yes please can you clarify shipping costs.
We already have paid this during the kickstarter campaign as stated @Matthew.Xu.
I want to upgrade plan F now, but I don’t want to pay and ask a refund… Can we have the right price without shipping cost please asap? Thanks you :blush:
@SweViver @PimaxVR @PimaxUSA


@SweViver @PimaxUSA @Matthew.Xu look guys, all we want to know is if the shipping is a mistake or not so we can be on our way, just one simple yes or no question


I agree, and do not understand what it takes to answer.


Okay, what the hell. It’s showing me that the shipping cost is 284$… @Matthew.Xu

I’ve been told the shipping cost paid during Kickstarter isn’t enough to cover the cost of this because instead of
Pimax china> backers
Valve China> Pimax USA (for testing, reducing the risk of us getting faulty units)> backers

Told by whom? charcharcharchar

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Not sure how to interpret Matthews comment though.


I was interested in particular who said that the parts are shipped from China to US and then to backers, and if it was someone from Pimax. I did not quote the whole reply since it would get eliminated, but the point was this.


Fair enough. Well, I can confirm for 90% certainty that that was indeed said, probably by Matthew.
If you demand proofs, I can try to find the post.

Okay I found this

Though it doesn’t say anything about China. I might be wrong.