Backer / pre-order / consumer version differences

Hello everyone,
Can anyone please tell me or show me a proper thread regarding differences (if any) between pimax 5k+ versions? I’m interested in build quality, used parts, accessories, etc.
The point is I have pre-ordered 5k+ but it seems there is a lot of issues with backer units on this forum lately and I’m just thinking if the proper consumer version wouldn’t be a better choice. I want quality product at the first place.
Thank you.


No difference. Kickstarter (backer) orders are same as retail (final) version, just split in to many packages as some things needs still to be developed.

p.s. there are not much issues with pimax so far. Pimax is just not for amateurs, you should be prepared for challenges / reading / setting up / finding compromises


I would say more - that Pimax is not for weak people (you need to be like Bruce Willis in Die Hard). There are not much issues with Pimax apart from:

  • although you filled all the surveys, there is no prospect of you receiving the headset in the near future if your information didn’t reached Pimax (you need to speak to support to get your information corrected);
  • you can receive wrong headset (you won’t know until you receive it, then you need excellent communication skills to exchange it with another backer who also received the wrong headset);
  • headset can crack (you may be able to have a replacement unit);
  • you may experience the wobble effect or strange game behaviour because of something is wrong (possible fix with new firmware);
  • you may need Pimax 4K to get your 8K working (depending on your configuration);

The list is not exhaustive…

Generally you need to have around 5 - 6 hours a day spare to be able to dig through this forum to understand what is going on

ON TOPIC - according to Pimax, Business Edition versions have tougher build than retail versions due to the business requirements. No differences in hardware has been reported yet. Pimax is slowly improving their customer communication skills and software, so future looks brighter than ever!

I have to say SO FAR. I will amend once things change. My Pimax experience has been a lot smoother than the Pimax 4k


That is only if you are using PiPlay and set the mode to “Video” (which is a 4K only mode). It is easiest to fix this issue by plugging in the 4K and changing the video mode back to “Pimax”. However, IIRC someone was able to get the issue fixed without having a 4K.

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