Backer Plan C vs A+E clarification

Just wanted to make sure I understood. If I go with C I’m getting Pimax basestations + controllers, correct? That means waiting for them, but I save like $100ish? :confused:

If instead I go with A+E that means I get Index Basestations + Controllers and presumably get them sooner, but for more money?

And if it’s A+E are we paying a separate shipping fee (US)? So total $120 for shipping?

No in C you originally backed an 8k headset and swapped it for a 5k+ or you did the same while also backing the controllers and lighthouses and you are keeping those (having already paid for them) the other option you are cashing that bundle in for credit towards the headset.

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But again the difference being

C = Headset + Pimax controllers/basestations and longer wait (less money)

A+E = Headset + Index controllers/basestations, less wait, (more money)


Did you back the controller and lighthouse package in the kickstarter?

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I would recommend Upgrade Plan for Current Owner and Upgrade Plan F.
Then you will get $200 discount and index controllers for extra $179 without losing any of the stretch goal rewards.
Upgrade Plan F will appear on store in few days, and basically backers can be considered as current owners IMO.

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I am an 8k full bundle backer that downgraded to 5k+.

Sorry to clarify but you get all sorts on these forums. Yes I think they will sting you on the shipping for A+E… But then it looks like they might try to hit us for shipping on anything they can. Personally though I would go with the index controllers over these theoretical controllers as who knows when they will eventually be ready.

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Np. and yes this is exactly where I’m at. I don’t want to risk waiting on Pimax basestations and controllers that might take another year.

It sounds like we’re able to use the “current owner” plan to buy the headset and keep the stretch goals, so I might just go that route, buy Index controllers and base stations elsewhere (maybe on Black Friday in the states), and then sell stretch goal items as they come in… but that only works IF they ever come in :confused:

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If you backed the BS+controllers and you want to get Index you have two options (identical cost):
Option 1: Plan A/B + E

  • Plan A/B sells your backer BS+controllers for $300
  • Then Plan E buys Index BS+controllers for $479
  • Total cost is $479 - 300 = $179

Option 2: Plan C/D + F

  • Plan C/D keeps your backer BS+controllers with no price change
  • Plan F upgrades your backer BS+controllers to Index for $179


thank you that post is amazing

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If you are referring to the passive-aggressive tone in the “Davebobman answers your questions” section, then the answer is… partially. I had originally named the section “Captain Obvious answers your questions”:wink:

I was getting kind-of annoyed that people kept repeating the same questions over and over when you could answer most of them by spending about five minutes looking at the slides or watching the stream. It is basically just a “spot the difference” game.

That being said, the whole “upgrade plan” nonsense is convoluted and unnecessary. All they needed to do was add some question prompts to the store page.


  • Did you back the 5K(+) or 8K on Kickstarter… or pre-order them through the Pimax store?
  • Yes
  • No

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If you answer yes, then it prompts you for your backer/pre-order number and associated email. Then it asks follow up questions.

  • If you originally backed the 8K and chose to downgrade to the 5K+, then you are eligible for a $100 Pimax store credit. Would you like to use the coupon for this purchase?
  • Yes: $100 credit towards this purchase
  • No
  • Not applicable: I backed the 8K and didn’t downgrade to the 5K+
  • Not applicable: I backed the 5K

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  • If you backed the full package (headset + basestations + controllers), then you are eligible for one of two options - trade in your BS+controllers for credit or exchange them for Valve Index BS+controllers at an additional cost.
  • I would like to keep my BS+controllers as-is
  • Trade in for credit: $300 credit towards this purchase
  • Exchange for Index: additional $100 cost
  • Not applicable: I backed the headset only (no BS+controllers)

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  • If you backed the headset on Kickstarter, then you are eligible to receive the items from this list of stretch goals . Alternatively, you could trade your stretch goals for credit.
  • Trade in all stretch goals: credit of $150 towards this purchase ($100 after December 31st)
  • Trade in stretch goals except for $100 eye-tracking coupon: credit of $100 towards this purchase ($50 after December 31st)
  • I want to keep my stretch goals
  • Not applicable: I wasn’t a backer on Kickstarter

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Hopefully I am being overly pessimistic but it seems like the whole “upgrade plan” system is set up to get people to give up their stretch goals for much less than they are worth. They are only giving $100 for the stretch goals ($50 after December 31st) when the value of the stretch goals is ~$200+:

  • $120 for MAS
  • $50 for Comfort kit
  • $100 coupon for wireless (worth $50 credit towards headset - using the downgrade coupon as a reference)
  • Cooling fan + prescription lens adapter + 3 pieces of content

If I want to trade in my BS+controllers but don’t want to give up my stretch goals, then I have to go through the support ticket system. The whole process is set up to encourage you to give up your stretch goals and discourage you from keeping them.


Yes, this all makes a lot of… it’s four differences in these two pictures, right?

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I can’t say that I actually tried to find all the differences in that picture. I just checked to make sure there was at least one :slight_smile:

Google says the image came from here if you really want the anwer. :grin:

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I found five differences!


One being on the left and on the right side doesn’t count, right?

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It’s not that. I will pm you so I won’t ruin it for anyone else.

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Thanks! Then I can sleep in peace!