Backer box - VAT number required for UK delivery?

Hi everybody!

Hopefully somebody can help me - when trying to arrange delivery for my long awaited KS light house and backer boxes, after a long list of excuses from Pimax as to why nothing has been posted even when I paid $35 for upgraded delivery two months ago, and postage label created two weeks ago I received the following request today:

"Because the England has been out of European Union,so the logistics carrier need you to provide us with the VAT tax number.Can you provide it with us?"

I’m totally lost as to what kind of VAT number do I need to supply to Pimax in order for them to post me my lighthouse and backer box?

I believe (though I am not familiar with new UK law, but in EU it works this way), you have VAT number only when you are registered VAT payer, which usually means a business. The “normal” customer does not have (and does not have to have) one.

The problem is that Pimax is apparently trying to use a carrier (or service) which does not ship to end customers, but only to businesses, or they do not understand how the international shipping works (or both).

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You can tell the support that you are a end user where you don’t have the registered VAT number (applied to company).


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Thank you, that’s what I replied. I thought maybe I don’t know something…

Well - I just got asked exactly the same thing. I pointed them to the government website:

Which seems to state that it is Pimax, as the overseas supplier, that should be registering and supplying their VAT number. Clearly individuals should not have one.

I couldn’t find anything that suggests this is something that has changed due to Brexit since the goods are not being shipped from the EU so its the same as it was before so I don’t know why this has come up now after all this time…

Hopefully you were able to sort this out because I have a couple of things which need to be sent to me.

Well, nothing has been sorted, the shipment is still in exactly the same state as it was more than a month ago - “shipping label created”…

In Pimax defense it was CNY.

Hopefully @PimaxQuorra can advise what I can do to get my LH and backer box?

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We will sort this out with the logistic team.
Sorry for the inconvenience sir.


Thank you! I’ve got a reply from Pimax support, hopefully I’ll get it soon.

If you like Pimax are SELLING/POSTING goods to UK,from FEDEX FAQ - if you are selling/posting goods less than £135 in value, the seller need to pay domestic UK VAT number, and charge the buyer for it at the point of sale.

Pimax as a company need to register for UK VAT number in order to post goods to UK, not the customers.

Buyer registering for UK VAT number won’t help the delivery.


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"If you are an overseas seller and you send goods with a total
of £135 or less directly to UK consumers (private individuals
and non-VAT registered businesses) you must have a UK VAT
registration number. In order to get this, you must establish
a UK Government Gateway account.


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