Backer 6452, hv no luck yet

Backer 6452, my backer no. was stated as building in the spreadsheet before, as now pimax said all devices are shipped, i hv not recieve the package nor tracking no. yet.

As my delivery address is in hong kong which is supposingly close to the warehouse. Is it possible for me to take it personally from the warehouse, or can i have the Tracking No. so i can contact the courier for status?


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Still a few of us waiting its sad but nothing ee can do i guess

Yes, nothing we can do… me and my fds both backed the campagin at Nov 2017.

When ppl from preorder have been receiving shipments here and there, we still hv not even get any tracking no. yet…

Backer 2466 also still waiting and no answer :sob:

My friend got a call from a courier this morning. saying there is a package to be delivered, but there is only the Building name was filled by the sender, fortunately, the courier is able to contact him by phone to verify the delivery address, hopefully. he can get it soon.

There is also other backer from other posts reporting that the delivery address on the courier from Hong Kong is missing probably the First Line of the address:sweat::sweat: .

Pimax Team, Please let me have my tracking no., so i can contact with the courier to check my package. (Backer #6452)

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