Backer 39## Just Got Survey What Does this Mean?

With all the drama around here and mud-slinging. It’s all kind of confusing despite being amusing at times. Someone should really cash-in and make a TV comedy show about all this. Anyway, as “baker” (IKR) 39## odd my survey arrived via email today. What does this mean? Is the consensus still that I should be approximately 1 month away from receiving my 5K+?

Thanks. Love Y’all.

Same boat here, Backer #344X
Received survey 10mn ago…
Replied survey already !

Same here #302#…

Well then that’s almost 1000 surveys being sent out today. Could be more!


5xxx backer and got survey. But i dont know what to choose yet.

So Pimax are going all in then.

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Backer 504x got also my survey now :slight_smile:

Backer 6432 and got my survey and I’m 5k+

It makes me wonder if it’s only 5k+ backers that got the survey email

66XX backer here and I got my email. I backed the 8k but I changed it to 5k+ after my experience at the LA demo. I was hoping I would have more time to make my choice. I wasn’t expecting to get this email for a couple months still.

3xxx this Morning

The BE as an option- but I know to little of it to choose it.

@Fearlesskoolaid6 I was 8k backer 42xx, got the survey this morning :smiley:

@MReis is basically 5k+ with OLED screen. Rumor is there is a little bit of ghosting but the colors, contrast, and brightness is better. I believe they said the 5kBE will be a limited run.

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thx @Hotrian for the info!
I do know a little bit about it, but without a review from the Musketeers and more Tech Info I am not opting for it (if possible at all) - like the ghosting or such you mentioned. I had the 8k backed - but after 1 Trillion Oscillations between the two I went for the 5k+

@MReis same :). I was thinking about it for a bit but there’s just not enough info right now for me to pick it. I was also 8k but finally decided on 5k+ now that my survey came and I had to make a choice :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems to be 3 BE versions on their store,

5K BE (that one proposed to backers on survey)
5K+ BE

Ah thanks for pointing that out, I didn’t know :o

It means nothing, you are months away from receiving a unit. You will be lucky to receive yours by March.

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Realistically if you are following the google drive spreadsheet. like 80% of people are switching to 5k+ but unless they send out all or the surveys they are producing 50 -50 for 5k-8k whick makes no sense.

By sending out the survey they are removing the guess work and can now know for sure where their production ratio should be. This will result in all of us getting our headsets sooner.

Ill be curious to confirm my theory when the next production updates from pimax are released


EI guess the same - it enables clear production planing and optimization as in ordering parts and getting production lines up and running

I find it a little bit odd that the survey is asking us for our backer number and pledge type. Backer number and pledge should all be recorded through kickstarter and linked to the email address. If not then we could simply lie on the survey and get a different headset. They need to have these facts in front of them eventually, I don’t know why they ask them and invite mistaken information.

Maybe this survey is just to get a quick estimate for pre-production and we will get our real survey later.