Back at it again :)

Hello again.

I finally got my hands on a sweet deal on a barely used (3 times) complete Vive package, so now i am selling the hmd only, to keep the base stations and wands. You guessed it: I can finally use the 5K+ after 3 years of frustration! I tried the gtaV R.E.A.L. mod and had some fun with it. Now on to testing other games. The only thing in pitool i quite don’t understand is the GPU Catalyst. No idea what it really does. The CV1 is back in its box for now :slight_smile: Although i miss the touch controllers, i believe those are the best VR controllers till date. And i’ve got some poxel snow when starting up a game (black scene) but i did not get a replacement because out of warranty. Thats a pity, but now i can try the thing and that is a great satisfaction, i sure can tell you. About eye tracking and the backer box with the stretch goals: We will see what happens. I am not hyped anymore before i have some real stuff at the doorstep, but i am happy with the change to the kdmas. Anyway, great to "see"you guys again :grin: