Ayahuasca VR Experience

There is a movie that has a scene where a cowboy enters the spirit world with the Ayahuasca potion that is used in the Amazon tribes to connect to the bigger reality. The movie is called Blueberry and I haven’t even seen the whiole movie, just that scene. The graphics are insanely well done and people who tried Ayahuasca say they do the experience justice.

The scene from Blueberry movie:

The director of that scene now has a VR experience out! Can’t wait for my 8KX.


I’m very interested to see this, thanks for pointing it out.
However people just need to take a psychedelic. You can never do the experience justice. You can recreate visual experience, but you can never even begin to touch on the incredibly immense spiritual experience and opening of the doors of perception, pulling back the veil of our existence.
It’s a must do experience for anyone with a healthy curiosity of truth and consciousness. Although be sensible, tread lightly and take a guide.

Are you saying the virtual experience is not better than the actual experience?