Awesome device. Bugs: There’s much work to be done

Pimax bugs

Windows home edition

  1. Steamvr compositor won’t turn on when starting pimax & steamvr from sleep. Sometimes steamvr compositor refuses to do anything even if I manually launch it from the steam folder lol.
  2. The pimax looks like it has messy Microsoft paint image before vr starts
  3. Pimax screens only turn on and can only play pimax if turning pc on from being completely off.
  4. Sometimes one of the screens images will get dim and washed out.
  5. I may need to return mine for a new one because my left screen has backlight bleed from top and bottom of screen.
  6. Sometimes the fps will be below 90 even if my frame timing is less than 11ms.


  1. Please add per eye brightness, color, contrast and sharpness similar to a tv but per eye. Seldom does any person have uniform eye issues vs one or the other.
  2. Per game configurations that can be ore set so they just work when launching a game.
  3. Please allow us to use steamvr motion smoothing as an option.
  4. Please sell a new plastic facial interface that lets eyes be closer to screens.


  1. If you are able to do brainwarp at 120fps (60fps per eye) couldn’t you simply reproject it up to 180fps?

@PimaxVR @Heliosurge hope my post is cool with you guys! @anon74848233


In another thread I mentioned a haze effect. Do you find dark scenes to be super hazy?

I need to jack up the gamma in-game to navigate some scenes. I tried Hellblade last night and it generally looked and performed beautifully. All the stuff in the caves got to the point where I almost couldn’t see where I was going. It was all a huge grey hazy mess.


This thing sounds like a beta kit still. @deletedpimaxrep1 get a hold of Valve to get some coding help, or open source your software.


This would be a rocket launch in about a week lol


It really would. It would increase turnaround, compatability, and likely save them money.


An intermediary step would be to allow plugins and API manipulation into the image pipe line.

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Yes, open-source please :slight_smile:


Yes totally is exactly what hapoens

Is there any risk to doing this?

That happens very often, not only on Pimax but also with Samsung Odyssey. GPU and CPU frametimes can be as low as 6ms each and still 60-70fps. Either its the internal rendering pipeline or just SteamVR when used with custom renderers such as Pimax and WMR has.


Strange. Havent seen that problem on my laptop. Which I mostly put to sleep and rarely restart, only if needed


Not sure why exactly that happens but my workaround for it to get it working is to leave the pimax DisplayPort cable unplugged from gpu until windows is fully loaded and pitool is running.

I, using .91 and steamvr beta


Thanks for your Pimax bugs and suggestions.We will discuss today and i will reply for progress we make


What kind of risk would you think of? I don’t see any potential risks. Worst case is that no one contributes and the dev team wasted time setting up a repo.

On the other side, I think we’d quickly get simple improvements like per-game settings, some game related fixes, UI improvements, open bug DB, etc.

I have the same Bug with left screen has backlight bleed from top and bottom of screen.
I wrote it to the support. They do not answer.
Who did you turn to?

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It might bhave something to do with windows power settings, “allow selective suspend” or so. Be sure to disable those regarding usb devices and such.
Check also in control panel/device manager under every usb devices/advanced to disable all power savings. And same for display adapters.

Maybe theres power saving settings in gpu control panel too, i don’t remember.

Edit. misread/understood your problem a bit, but still it’s best to let windows know that you’re not afraid of climate change.

Edit2. Maybe try to fiddle with sleep/hibernate/enable hybrid sleep settings, try hibernate instead of sleep mode, or dont use sleep mode at all.

Answers for your suggestions and questions @aesopfabled

About the windows edition questions:
1.We know this question before and we will try to solve this problem 2019 and be much more convenient for backers to use
2.The headset will display Pimax Logo.Do you mean that your headset play microsoft stuff before VR strats?
3.Yes,some backers told us about this issue.We will update Sleep mode for backers to use headset easily and convenient.
4.We will test this and apply this issue to product demand meeting.
5.Please send this problem to Service desk and give me your question number.We will replace your headset immediately after confirmation
1.We will put your 4 suggestions to product demand meeting to discuss one by one


@anon74848233 What are you doing about the quality issues. It seems your just sending out faulty units

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Do you have to ask that in every thread?


Sounds good thank you :slight_smile: