Avoid Pimax Client 1.13

Completely fails to connect the 8kx now after extensive troubleshooting. Previous version worked perfectly.


Are you encountering any error codes? You may consider uninstalling version 1.13 and reverting back to version 1.12 to determine if the headset can be connected successfully.

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My 1.12 always crashed after clicking away the notification window for the update to 1.13.
I use EWF (Enhanced Write Filter), was never a Problem.
Because the necessity to be online while starting Client and everytime the update crash, I was forced to update to 1.13.
The big Problem: With 1.13 i was unable to start a game. The SteamVR status window did not appear.
I think I saw the information that this is a update to But after install it was
Please remove the need to be online at start. For the first i removed Client and use Pitool. For me the Client has only disadvantages.

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I just had some connection problems with version 1.13.
Reverted back to Pimax Client 1.10 and all seems well for now.
After installing version 1.10, I was asked to upgrade to version 1.13, which I denied.

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I reverted to 1.12. I also had to delete all Pimax data in the ~Appdata folders.

Pimax devs, seriously guys. Please get your software act together. The hardware is good, but your software has been rubbish for years now and it’s time to correct these issues. The reason people get the Meta Quest and Index is because they just work and people can use them without spending hours fiddling with buggy software. There’s no excuse at this point for how inconsistent the software is. Connecting to the headset is basic, no-compromise functionality that should just work.

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Yea, the first version of 1.13 was okay.
but the NEWEST one has a lot of issues.

noticing more tracking issue(headset going black), still the forced audio change, And now when i close the game i am playing + SteamVR. it “disconnects” my Headset EVERYTIME…i see this in the client…

i am kinda looking for the version before that one(the first 1.13 pitool) if you have it @PimaxQuorra

i also sent pimax support these issue 18 days ago, and still got ignored…(specially the Audio issue i mentioned, and the W11 Driver sign issue for FW updating).

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