Auto start SteamVR Home when turn on the pimax by default?

Some way to automatically start steamvr home, when you start the hmd?

There is a checkbox for it in the SteamVR settings, general section. It’s the first item, called “Use SteamVR Home”.


I think he means to start SteamVR when You power on the HMD by the power button.

I don’t know how to do that but Pimax Devs probably do. They could make it another option in PiTool.

BTW, SteamVR will start of You turn on Your controller (it’s a SteamVR config file option and I’m pretty sure it’s default). At least it happens for be with the Vive Wands. You could try that instead.


Thanks you! I recently got some knuckles and didn’t know this trick, just press the power button of one of them once, and it will take you to steam home, thanks.

Even so, I think it would be good if pimax added an option in pitool to have steamvr as home by default.

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