Assetto Corsa ultra low res on right screen

Left eye looks fine. Right eye looks like it’s rendering at really low resolution (like 480p low). The only think I could think to try is toggling parallel projections, but that didn’t do anything. I chose OpenVR in the AC options.

Uncheck Fixed Foveated Rendering in the Pitool settings?

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Uggh! I keep finding that the settings have reverted when re-opening PiTool. I uncheck FFR when I first installed 103 and I keep going back in only to find it has been checked again. I hope this is addressed in the newer version. I haven’t verified whether or not this has fixed my AC problem, but I’ll report back when I get a chance.

First world ultime 2080ti problems :smile:

Yup very annoying almost as much as 20 characters