Assetto Corsa Pimax 8KX


I can’t get the Pimax to express it’s full potential on Assetto Corsa. Apart from large FOV, it’s on default settings. Still I am having only around 40FPS (?)

I use this PC exclusively to drive, mainly Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2.

Can you advise me on the best setting for Sim Racing?

My hardware:
Asus Z-490 Plus
32 Gb RAM
Nvidia RTX3070
Pimax 8Kx DMAS

(plus Fanatec DD Podium 2, pedals, gearshift and handbrake)
(arduino in SimHUB for wind)

Many thanks,



That FPS sound very, very low for AC. AC usually runs very well, so something has to be wrong. In fact, even with CSP+SOL I’m managing 60fps at Wide FOV on my 3080ti in the most demanding situations (rain at night.) I don’t know what’s gone wrong though; maybe try a complete default reinstall of AC? (Backup your user and game folders first so you can revert if you wish.) You aren’t running PP by accident for AC are you? AC is one of the very few games that does not need PP.

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Also check to be sure you aren’t using maximum levels of AA if you use Content Manager. That allows an 8x AA method that kills performance. Stick with 4x or less.

does anyone have or would they be kind enough to take some screenshots of their settings?

My setup;
3600 cl16 4x8
Pimax 8kx

I followed some guides online but the clarity is horrible and I can’t read the street signs.

If you could share Nvidia, steamVR, Pitool & AC manager (video and CSP setting) would be very helpful

With those specs AC should look great. With a 4090 & i7 7700K i have SteamVR at default settings apart from maxRecommendedResolution @ 16384 in the file default.vrsettings, PiTool fov @ Large and Quality @ 1.5, no smart smoothing, Nvidia control panel at default settings, Content Manager MSAA x 4 (rest mainly high), CSP 1.78, SOL 2.1.

You say you have poor resolution, do u use more than 1 vr headset? When i use my quest 2 with SteamVR it messes up SteamVR with my 8KX (the res is very low), i need to reinstall SteamVR.

Edit: do other SteamVR games look low res?