Assetto Corsa issues

I haven’t played much so perhaps someone with more experience can suggest something.

  1. The game doesn’t appear in the PT setup dropdown or games list. I thought I had it in there previously, but maybe not. I manually imported it and now it appears in both lists, and I’m able to customise the PTRQ etc (working afaik but need to test further). Anyone else had this, could it be the PT version? I’m on 180 and 5k+

  2. Some minor left / right eye inconsistencies with textures and shaders, I assume it is mod-related - is it known / fixable? Standard PP filters off, I used @Yata_PL’s video guide with some higher settings for a 2080 Ti.

  3. Haven’t had time to play with the shader patch settings yet, but while I get light fields for headlights and brakes, I don’t see actual working headlights or brakelights. Is there a patch or fix for this?

Last night I installed Content Manager, Custom Shader Patch, Sol, and some extra tracks and cars. Generally running well and maintaining 90 FPS. Some further testing to be done as above.

I think I have racetracked myself out over the years on Gran Turismo, but the night / day / weather options plus free roam / open world and point to point ‘real world’ locations add a brilliant new atmospheric dimension. I need a wheel at some point now, had no intention of buying one but a gamepad is too imprecise. Might get in trouble for adding more hardware though uh oh :sweat_smile:

EDIT since installing Content Manager, correctly enabling the Custom Shader Pack, Sol weather mod, and re-enabling Post Processing with medium settings, none of the above are issues any more

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For 1, just launch from Content Manager. You don’t need it in pitool. Just set global settings you want in pitool, save, exit and launch from Content Manager.
2, I can’t comment as I haven’t used my 5k+ in ages. Although AC was the one game I found playable on the 5k+, as soon as I go back to another hmd and see correct geometry and get no eyestrain I stick to the other hmd even though the FOV is small.
3. Yeah if I remember correctly there’s a headlights/taillights add on that’s separate to the light fields. It’s been ages since I did my add ons so not sure, but my memory says I added car lights seperate from the reflections of lights.
You definitely need a force feedback steering wheel and pedals. I can’t stress this enough. The better wheel you can afford…the better.


Thanks! OK will recheck Content Manager settings then. I’ll go dig for the car lights mod.

Re FOV sure I guess it’s what you get used to. I’ve only used the 5k+ since it arrived, I only have a Lenovo to compare which I haven’t touched since.

I don’t notice any obvious distortion and I have thankfully managed to largely eliminate the eyestrain I used to get when using the 5k+. In CM I have set MIP LOD Bias to -1 as recommended by YataPL. I think that’s more distance / image sharpening though.

Well one brilliant bonus, I thought I’d go and dig out my dusty PS2 Logitech Driving Force wheel for GT2, and it installed automatically in Win10 first time, and only took a few minutes to configure nicely in AC. Yes it’s very old, but still leagues better than a gamepad. Rear wheel drive cars with a lot of power were impossible to keep on the road, hugely better now. Glad I have a day off hehe :+1:

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Yes there’s a setting in Content Manager for VR. Once set it will just launch straight into your pimax.

I do wonder if my pimax is a dud. Others report it’s all good and mine has massive eye strain and when I move my head, objects change shape. For AC it’s mostly the interior of the car which charges shape, so when I’m focused on the track it seems okay…until I go back to another hmd and it’s just obviously better when my interior stays the same shape.

Yes LOD -1 seems to be the go for VR.

Glad to hear you got a wheel. And without spending extra money is a bonus. Logitech is great bang for buck. I started on Logitech, but now I’ve upgraded to Fanatec Clubsport 2.5 the fidelity in force feedback is worlds apart. But until you try it you don’t know and Logitech is still good. Don’t try a better wheel until you have the money to buy it is my advice. You’re a million miles from a gamepad with a Logitech wheel. Enjoy it.

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Yes I should say that I am generally launching AC from CM, and then sticking the headset on. However I prefer not to use default PT 1 and SVR Auto, (aiming for PT 2 / SVR 0.25 for any app that accepts it) so just trying to be sure it’s picking up my PT settings correctly.

I hope you don’t have a dud, but I can say I have put up with some eye strain and lack of focus (physical IPD was as low as possible, but I didn’t have the manual IPD set correctly), but it wasn’t until I tried to switch my comfort setup that I first experienced massive fishbowl / swim / distortion effects - which made me realise I’d been lucky, and others may not have been.

Not to say that there isn’t some other problem, but for me at least, massive issues like that were introduced purely down to incorrect positioning of the headset, and aren’t there when the distance and position of the foam / velcro are set correctly. Reliance on just the default foam is impossible to achieve the correct setup, in my case. Unfortunately we can’t all test a SMAS or VDAS to compare and confirm that.

Starting with this old wheel ‘for free’ is the best possible outcome so I’m happy about that, as I’m not much of a racer any more. Discounting real world drives hehe. I can already see what a big difference it makes, as expected. Just as I need a HOTAS for space and flight sims, KVM / gamepad is not precise enough for my liking :+1:

I play AC pretty routinely on my 5K+ and it does work very well. Probably the single best VR title I have. You have to set it to Oculus Rift output (can’t remember, it’s been a long time now since I actually had to do the setup). You do NOT need Parallel Projection compatibility turned on (thank goodness). My suggestion to you is to go back to a fully un-modded install of AC and get things working right, then reinstall your mods one by one until you figure out which one breaks compatibility. Other than installing a few track mods I never installed any mods in AC specifically because it’s way too important a title for me to risk breaking it, and if I want all the stuff AC doesn’t do I go and play a crappy “sim” like PCars2 for a while. As for FFB wheels, nothing makes as much difference as that, period. You just gotta bite the bullet and do it. Even something cheap and used would be fine as long as it still works well. When it comes to racing sims, a FFB wheel is far more important than, say, a VR headset!


Been playing for a few hours today and absolutely loving it :slight_smile: The PS2 FFB wheel and pedals has not seen the light of day for a decade, but took literally 5 mins to get up and running with no problems whatsoever. Always nice when that happens, I expected it to fail in Win10 or AC tbh. First one, not the later EX or GT versions which are easier to find.

Yeah I started yesterday with an unmodded version of AC that I had only played for a few hours since buying it for £5. I’ve added CM, Shader Patch (through CM), Sol, and a Night Patch. I was using the free CM and realised Sol was installed but not enabled, so I donated to fix. Everything is working great now, what I really wanted was long atmospheric road drives in different conditions. I didn’t expect to get it all working in just a few hours :partying_face:

Btw I’m using OpenVR not Oculus (not sure when a stable version was released), and yes no Parallel Projections needed (not to be confused with Post Processing that I was talking about earlier, which I have re-enabled with medium settings). Great simulation underneath, and with a few tweaks it looks and runs great :+1:

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@park might have a tutorial for getting steam version to launch in Oculus mode.


SVR will use the last PT settings in place when you last exited PT. ie If you close PT with SS 1, FOV Normal, 72 Hz, No PP you will have that setting in SVR (even it you just lainch SVR and not PT and then launch from CM.
The way to know is try changing your 72 Hz, FOV and PP setting will all be evident when you look at SVR reported Hz and resolution it shows as well as the fov change will be visible in play


Would there be any advantage to that for Pimax users? I know for some apps it allows for Parallel Projections to be turned off, but that’s already the case for AC

Ah sure thanks. I switch apps a lot atm (I remember when ED was enough for my VR fix sigh), so I tend to keep it running when the headset is on, but on an AC mission today hehe

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I don’t know tbh. But you might see possible performance gains depending on which runtime is more efficient.

Ethan Carter i believe was reported working on it better for pimax.

Everspace in Steamvr mode was unplayable but if launched in OculusVR worked as it should vs being a studdery mess.

You might be able to launch AC from Steam Desktop in Oculus mode. This is how zi launched Everspace.

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Ah fair enough. If there’s a performance jump I’d be interested to know, but it’s running well with OpenVR.

It’s like the Skyrim of racing games, a few mods makes a big difference without hitting the FPS too much :wink:

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I’m probably just mis-remembering what I had to choose to get it running. Once I did that I didn’t have to touch it again, so… Let me just check now that I’m at the system… Yes, it is Open VR, NOT Oculus that you select to get it working properly. Sorry. Good to hear that Content Manager, Sol etc. work properly.

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AC is pretty much a flawless experience for me. I run these settings with 120hz, large fov, pitool 1.0 and steamSS @ 140%

Setting LOD bias to -1 gave me a cleaner look but gave me a lot of eye strain so I turned it off.

In nvidia control panel, i have MFAA enabled and AF set to 16x. LOD bias = clamp.


Thanks for these, got a few different settings from yours so I’ll have a play around :+1:


I have to say I have now also set LOD bias back to 0.

Although I didn’t experience discomfort during sessions (unlike when I hadn’t set the software IPD correctly), I had slight double vision when looking at my monitor afterwards, and slight discomfort in my eyes the following day.

It hasn’t repeated itself since the reversion, so I’ll put it down to that and continue to check carefully.

I set resolution to 1024 at 60Hz since it’s a monitor setting only.
I also max MSAA to 8 as it’s the biggest leap in quality by far.
I like 72Hz as I can’t see a diff at 90.

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Yes same for monitor and MSAA. I figured if the system can easily handle 90 then why not :slight_smile:

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true. I run everything at 72 and just too lazy to launch Pitool to change it. :grinning:

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