Assetto Corsa - How to enable controller tilt to steer? [Solved]

I just tried Assetto Corsa, now that I’ve got my 8KX. I played it a few months ago, but I now have a new issue. I’ve searched the web and came up empty.

Using my Valve controller, I used to be able to steer via tilting the controller, but that’s no longer an option. My only choice is to use the left thumb stick, which is terrible. Tilt was much better.

Any suggestions as to how to re-enable tilt control? I thinking of uninstalling it and clearing out the Windows Registry and any other lingering info, then reinstalling it. I have no faith that will fix it. I’m wondering if a recent update got rid of the feature.

P.S. Yes, I know a steering wheel is a better option. I actually have one, but unfortunately, I can’t attach it to my new desk. :frowning:

SOLUTION: In steam, in the controller settings, enable XBox controller compatibility. That’s the “secret”.


Go to the hardware store and buy a few bits of cheap wood and make a mount for your steering wheel. Car sims without a steering wheel suck. It will probably take less time than solving the current problem.


I like the convenience of a controller. It’s actually pretty good, with tilt steering. I agree, it sucks to steer with a thumb stick. It used to work, so I’ll spend some time to fix it. At some point, I might try to set up some sort of driving setup, but not right now.

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It won’t bring any help but I don’t think AC has been designed to be played with anything else than a ffb steering wheel.
You can technically play it with a joystick but it sucks.

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I also play periodically but never tried a VR controller with it to know, sorry.

I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to dust off a 1st gen PS2 Logitech wheel for Gran Turismo 2, get it recognised under Win10 without any hassle (and FF support just needs one Logitech driver), and for AC to be totally happy with that. Was still a student when this thing last saw use hehe.

At first I wasn’t sure where to set it up, as my main, ancient, gaming desk has a lip, so the clamps don’t work. Decided to screwdriver off the lip, it’s only been attached for 25 years or so :smile:


I’m trying to use a “regular” Steam game controller, not an Index VR controller.

That’s my point, with Tilt to steer, it actually doesn’t suck. It’s not a good as a wheel, but it’s fine for a quick race or two.


I think you’re missing his point though (which I totally agree with). It’s about force feedback to feel the car on the track. This is where AC shines.

No, I completely understand his (and your) point.

My point is that I tend to play Assetto Corsa when I only have a little time to spare and don’t want to do any extra setup (which wastes precious time I could actually be playing). If I’m going to spend that setup time, I might as well play Elite Dangerous instead.

I’m looking for a good, casual VR game and AC fits the bill, but steering with a thumbstick sucks. (We can all agree on that.) Tilt steering used to work (and rumble too, so there is “some” road feel). I just want get tilt back.

Not having a wheel system in VR would certainly take a lot off the immersion side of things, not to mention accurate controls.

True, but I’m not looking for a driving sim, just a casual, fun game.

I can grok that and what ever works for ya mate.
Just seems a bit counter-intuitive to don a VR headset to better simulate being in the car only to break that immersion by not holding onto what you would in a car and are seeing, aka a wheel. Then there’s the pedals thing. Anyway, that’s just me. :smiley:

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When I only had a ps4 pro+ PSVR, before I started to gather some cockpit gear/wheel/buttkicker , I played dirt rally VR with my controller and it was very good.
this is even the game that convinced me to buy a wheel.
Some other games are well implemented for joystick, like gran turismo sport, some others arent.
Some games are also implemented gyro sensors in the ps4 controller, to use it like if it was a wheel.
that added some immersion, so I understand the OP deception about this apparently disappeared tool for controllers in AC.
of course FFB is another aspect that is very important for such a simulator and only a wheel will give you that .

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LOL! No more talk about how amazing a wheel is, ok! Jeez, it’s pretty clear he wants to do exactly what he tries to do, so please… :smile:

Stand your ground, @neal_white_iii, I hope you find a solution.

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My Google Fu is not that great but I saw someone talk about reverting firmware and/or recalibrating the controller.

Otherwise I think you should contact Steam support.

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On the topic of ACS … can someone tell me how to set ‘Pixel Density’?

Sorry, no.

However, referring back to my OG, I did finally get tilt steering working again. In steam, in the controller settings, I needed to enable XBox controller compatibility. That’s the secret. I still don’t know how it got turned off.

Assetto Corsa is very nice on my 8KX, but I need something better than a 2080 so I can increase the super sampling, because I really want more crispness, as well as a 75 fps framerate.

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