Assetto Corsa Competizione Supersampling not working

So my 4090 arrived and I wanted to give ACC another shot.

Strangely though, when I set Render Quality in Pitool to more than 1.0 or if I set Resolution per eye in SteamVR to over 100% it does not make a difference visually. The framerate however drops significantly.

For Example, with in-game Anti-Aliasing disabled and all the resolutions settings at 100% (and potato FOV on my Pimax5k+) gets me about 9ms frametime. Setting Resolution per eye in SteamVR to 500% gets me like 50ms frametime, but the image quality is the same. The aliasing is very easy to see, but at these extreme resolutions / oversampling levels there should be no aliasing left!

How can that be?

I have, of course, changed maxRecommendedResolution to 16384 in these files:

So the only way to visually enhance the resolution is to use VR Pixel Density or Resolution Scale in-Game. The Problem with this is, that DLSS seems to disable these Settings. Which always results in a blurry mess. Oversampling in combination with DLSS would be ideal. Or if the game had support for DLAA, which seems to be the same thing. Im running non-VR games with DSR 1.78x combined with DLSS with great success, everything is so much sharper!

DLSS works with downsampling. The quality will always suffer in VR.

DLAA is downsampling.

DLSS is more similar to upscaling.

What I want is to do the same thing, that we all do with supersampling. I want to render at 150% display resolution and then downsample to display resolution, which results in a clearer image. Only that I want to render my 150% with the help of DLSS, which is significantly faster.

In my experience, in VR, the quality of DLSS is below the norm. Even in Quality mode. For example, in FS2020, the best DLSS quality visually corresponds to that of 78% normal Render-resolution. It is sampled up, but down again. Not noticeable on the monitor, but in VR the image becomes soft.

In addition, the GPU utilization with a 4090 is maybe 73% which is rather suboptimal. Without DLSS, I get identical frame rates with better image quality with 98% GPU.

But admittedly, how special AC is doing that, I don’t know. Possibly different than other…

I have also tried F1 22 and there DLAA is directly available. However, It is not really faster or better looking than AMD FSR + “Fidelity FX Sharpening”.

in F1 22 I was not able to match the sharpness of DLAA or FidelityFX Sharpening with DLSS with up to 200% resolution in game. Maybe more is needed.

I have to say though, the Pimax 5k+ seems to be a limiting factor here. With the Quest 2 I can easily get a sharp image in both games.

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