Assetto Corsa Competizione - DLSS

Assetto Corsa Competizione now uses DLSS, but unfortunately the function on Pitools FFR that I used aggressive no longer works and this brings the game to Pimax 8K X despite the less performing DLSS than before!

Have you noticed?

I dont like DLSS in ACC becouse of distance blurrines but during my test with FFR conservative everthing works .
I have quite sharp image with both DLSS and AA off. Instead off that supersample picture in steamvr and add sharpness in game options. My steam res. is ~3800x3200 per eye with normal fov and 75hz.


I use aggressive… pitool 293 and 299 firmware… but for me ffr dont work now. Are you sure that work?

I tried after updating and upgrading the various Nvidia videos. I ran the updated ACC without changing any video settings in the game. unfortunately I noticed a drop in FPS and I realized that by activating and deactivating FFR (aggressive mode) I did not detect any differences. in practice I went from the previous 75 FPS to the current 48/50 FPS. the DLSS works, but unfortunately 1) I don’t have a gain comparable to FFR 2) I have a significant loss of definition … This is very frustrating.

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It work but as I wrote I have tested only conservative mode as agressive distract me too munch


It works …sort of, you see it working but no performance gain .

im agree with everything you said.

i dont know this need a workaround from pimax or from kunos side.

I dont see the graphic effetti of ffr … @PimaxQuorra , Pimax can check this FFR problem on ACC 1.8 ver. … for a lot of user need FFR on ACC … thanks

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ifound a workaround to get FFR boost again…

on the track go to options and select FXAA antialiasing , press ok, and then select temporal again…

is a bug on kunos side

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I try… thank you … and ffr + dlss u think can work?

It does , but i dont like the results , the loss on quality is very evident


Yes sir, we have forwarded your issue to the developer.
They will run few FFR test on ACC.

Thanks… we are tell also to kunos.

Just thought I’d put this here in case anyone reads and is wondering… FFR and DLSS both work properly in ACC now after a recent update.

DLSS is nice and sharp too now but be careful with the settings! I found if using DLSS, it is best to use ‘balanced mode’ then up pixel density in ACC a little to your performance limit. I use FFR on balanced too in Pitool with normal FOV. Must make sure the ‘Advanced sharpening’ option is disabled in ACC when using DLSS otherwise it causes all sorts of weird artifacts on LODs. The DLSS sharpening works nicely though and all cockpit text is very sharp and distance quite sharp too.

It’s finally enjoyable in VR!

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I don’t like DLSS, for me is a blurry mess, even if you use quality settings

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When did you last try it? I thought the same when it first came out on ACC. Tried it again last week and it was loads better so I’ve been on it quite a bit since. I think there was something bugged with the initial implementation in VR. Just up pixel density a bit and it’s sharp as anything and gives a bit more performance. What AA do you normally use if not using DLSS? I find other AA options don’t work very well in ACC for VR as they either have terrible specular aliasing or they cause a lot of motion blur and still use up a lot of performance which results in needing to use lower pixel density and therefore ends up more blurry.

The only 3 games where I like dlss is metro exodus no man sky and horizon zero dawn makes the image quality aliasing free and stable

I tried only when the update arrived, i will try again.

I don’t remember now what AA i am using, i will check later, but with my configuration and reshade, FFR on, i have a good image quality, not blurry

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I have tried dlss again and for me it is the same blurry mess in vr. i use AA medium settings and KTAA. For me, it is the best settings

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Could you please share your exact settings?

Also, do you use a custom .ini?

Here are my exact in game settings. No i dont use any custom ini tweaks. The game was fresh installed since the V1.8 update to rule out anything old leftover from the ini file.

In pitool I use normal FOV, “compatible with PP=OFF”, FFR=Balanced, Quality=1.25, Smart Smoothing=OFF and STEAMVR res scale = 100%.

Nvidia driver version 497.29, but it worked the same on 496.76 as well.

Pixel density in game is 115%, any lower and it starts to get blurry; any higher and my pc struggles too much to keep high framerate required for VR. This is using the Pimax 5k+ and my pc specs are Ryzen 5900X, 32gb 4600mhz B-die ram & 3090FE.

For me DLSS works pretty well, its sharp compared to what it used to be but it also gets rid of the specular aliasing which is otherwise quite bad in ACC. It doesnt have ghosting of the mirrors like TAA does. It gives better anti aliasing than KTAA but it does have some ghosting behind other cars, particularly when they are further away but it is very typical of DLSS behaviour as most other games which use it. Hopfully this ghosting will get reduced even further as it improves, just as it did from DLSS V2.0 to 2.3 for games like death stranding for example.

Final note: As mentioned before, do not use “advanced sharpen filter” with DLSS otherwise it causes horrible tree LODs. Just use the DLSS sharpening by its self if you want sharpening.