Ask FedEx give your Custom/Duty Breakdown

FedEx sent me an excel table this time, making it easier to check than the random thign they sent last time.
Now checking that table, I didnt account for freight charges and the VAT they add to that as well
I guess it’s just coincidence they values were identical when using USD
BUT still Additional Duty was charged for KDMAS and base stations, when the code used states duty should be 0%

K so I though we didnt have to pay Duties on these, but apparently we do

I emailed Pimax, who asked me to email FedEx
(P.S. I’m in the UK btw)

FedEx emailed me a breakdown sheet of the charges.
Very confusing as everything looks so mixed up and hard to track, and even though I had 6 items listed, there were only 4 in this breakdown. Seems either Pimax or FedEx grouped some of items as one.

Anyway after copying the values from the breakdown into an excel spreadsheet.
I tried to see if the figures added up to the final charges FedEx gave me.

And in a way they did.
BUT they forgot one VERY important thing!
They calculated ALL the charges using the DOLLAR value!
They then slapped a £ in front of this dollar figure!


As they exchange rate used on my sheet is 1.3163
That’s an EXTRA 30% we are paying in taxes!!!

So my 2 backer boxes, with base station and eye tracking FedEx is charging me £221.31 of which
Advancement Fee = £12
Duty = £86.64
VAT = £122.67

Again these figures were calculated using the Dollar figures,
So really with the exchange rate it should be
Duty = £65.82
VAT = £93.19
Ad Fee still £12

So instead of £221.31 I SHOULD be paying £171.01

So demand a copy of the breakdown!
If you need help checking it post the attachment here!
I’ll also add an image showing the issue if I can get time to do it

So just now emailed FedEx back and waiting for a response from them

idk if @PimaxUSA @PimaxQuorra wanna check this as well.
@Heliosurge if you’re interested in reading this as well :wink:


Agreed you should always request these breakdowns. This is quite interesting and not good unless your in a country where the dollar value is lower.


Slightly off-topic, but did Fedex give you the opportunity to declare the items by yourself?


Some time ago I analyzed the FedEx bill for @Octofox and it was right, except for the import duty, which should not apply (at least to headsets, not sure about the lighthouses).


I’ve had duty charges applied to everything.
The eye tracking, KDMAS, Comfort Kit, Silicone Sleeve, lighthouses.

You can check the import duties which were applied to my KS Backer Box here:

The table in my post is something I put together based on HS codes on the import declaration (which Pimax attached to the shipment, and FedEx passed on me), but it was later confirmed by FedEx when they sent me the detailed bill, which also included all the taxes and fees.

So, the lighthouses were not taxed (on import duty).

I believe UK import taxes should be the same even after Brexit, unless UK has changed them recently, because they were the same for the whole EU before Brexit.



Thanks for the ping, we will check the breakdown data.

Other than that, we will try to get more information on these, whether the duty charges should applied on these items, as Risa mentioned, the lighthouses were not taxed for his parcel.



@PimaxQuorra I have a ticket open with the breakdown attached in a pdf
Ticket #11183

You will see the Tariff Headings, are not all the same as the HS codes you provided to them, as FedEx claimed they were not valid or specific.


@risa2000 So you were not charged any Additional Duty Rates?

I have Additional Duty charged to my KDMAS and base stations, at 25%
Even though the Tariff code they used, 9504500000, states third country duty is 0.00%…

Another email now to ask why :confused:

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I was charged an import duty tax on my KS Backer Box, but it was marginal (~ 1 USD IIRC), basically in line with the table I presented in my linked post. I was not taxed on base stations and the other parts of KS backer box had very low rates. I had to pay VAT (21%) though calculated from the total declared value (including shipping).

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Here’s the spreadsheet FedEx sent me

2 backer boxes so each is doubled
Item 1 = Eye Tracking
Item 2 = Comfort Kit
Item 3 = Modular Audio Head Strap + 2 Base Stations
Item 4 = Facial Foam + Silicone Protective Sleeve

What is strange is that your KDMAS and basestations are under the same HS code, which is different from mine. In my bill, both had 0% import duty tax, in yours you got 25% “add duty”?

Well apparently I have to pay it

On the day it was issued, and the base stations actually being from the USA, there is a 25% Safeguarding duty.

I guess you were lucky enough to get a customs guy who didnt bother claiming the base stations were from USA and left it as China.

This is an interesting twist in the case :slight_smile:. First the duty applied to the import from US (I am not sure mine were coming from US, they originated from China and I believe were also manufactured in China), second, the tariff seems to be applicable from November last year, while I got my package before that, third, I wonder if it applies to EU imports as well (might be some kind of retaliation to US import taxes - I have no idea).

Maybe @Klaus could have some inside info?

Well I’ve paid it for the sake of it.

And kicker is that FedEx say if I think it’s wrong they can check, for a charge of £53
Or I can do it myself for free directly with HMRC :stuck_out_tongue:
Yeh I think I’ll do it myself, though the main section of the form makes no sense to a laymen.

Cos they charged the 25% additional duty on the KDMAS, which isnt from the USA.
So need to claim that back.

Hi bigo93,

Have your problem:FedEx been solved?
If not , you can make a ticket for help in helpdesk.


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