As someone who really couldn't care less about Alyx.Please do a comparison between 8KX and every other headset for movie watching and productivity task

I guess this is a simple request but at the moment nothing in VR excites me besides the new No Man’s Sky update that brought mechs to the table.

When I get my 8KX I’d likely want to actually watch some movies on a large screen since I live in a relatively small area. That and I’d like to actually just use my desktop in VR. Something that I’ve tried with the 5K+ but found it unbearable after a few hrs.


Since the 8KX basically lacks SDE, its great for watching movies and working in Virtual Desktop. There will be more videos regarding this upon the launch of 8KX, and our first 8KX backers will most likely give you their impressions, but meanwhile, this might give you a clue regarding virtual desktop work:


Have you tried ‘replacing’ your desktop with the 8KX? How did it go?

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@mirage335 is the one to ask regarding desktop usage… :wink:


Im the person that would never replace the monitor desktop with a headset virtual desktop, unless there is a specific reason (like watching movies). Its nice to do some stuff in VR on the desktop, but basic work, video editing and similar will always be easier on a physical monitor. But thats just me maybe.

Indeed, Matthew has more insight into 8KX and virtual desktop work/environments.


No. I, for one, am totally with You on that… :+1:

I see absolutely no reason to use a VR headset for desktop usage/work (or movies for that matter).

Home Theaters are for movies and I actually like not having a monitor or two strapped to my face for hours… :grin:


There’s lots of good reasons to do that. If you have family around and they are hogging the TV.


Are You telling me You’re watching movies in VR while other people are around? :nerd_face:


For me I have limited space in where I live so not viable to put a super huge TV next to my two monitors just to watch shows.


Good topic Generic. I too, couldn’t care less about Alyx or any other “normal” game in VR. I backed the 8K-X for two reasons…A)Racing simulators and B)Movies/Anime.

As someone who has been watching movies on a 110" front projection screen for over 15 years, I can tell you that after a while you get spoiled. The wow factor of looking at a 110" screen wears off after a few years and you end up wanting an even BIGGER screen! I don’t have room for a bigger screen so VR is my solution.

Those who have watched movies on other headsets using the Bigscreen VR app say it’s an amazing experience. I’m hoping the Pimax 8K-X delivers that super large movie screen experience I’ve always wanted.

Can’t wait to hear impressions from first backers regarding the movie watching experience. Hopefully Mirage can chime in with his thoughts on how well movies(or anime) look on the 8K-X


I actually think reading Manga in VR is far superior to desktop once the SDE is resolved. Since the image quality tends to be pretty good and the panel stretches your entire FOV.

This will be part of my video today.

In the meantime, this is the topic you want to read.

Also, SweViver did excellent through-the-lens photos of Virtual Desktop for both the Pimax Vision 8kX and Valve Index. While I won’t be doing these photos myself (because SweViver already did them well), you can take my word for it, they are credible.

The 8kX is high resolution enough that anything you can see on a typical ~100dpi monitor at typical ~3ft distances will be visible in the headset. Any text you are accustomed to reading on a monitor is comfortably readable in the headset (oh by the way, text scaling works better on Linux than Windows for VNC users out there).

The bottom line is that the Valve Index is not enough of a step up to show all details, and the older 5k+, while technically capable of showing most text usefully, has enough artifacts to cause some eyestrain after a few hours.

Also, on the obvious chance HL Alyx is the reason for SteamVR incurring all these broken updates… I am not only unable to care much less about it right now, I am outright starting to vaguely dislike its existence…

@SweViver I am guessing you reason for preferring a physical display has a lot to do with the physical aspects of wearing a VR headset, as opposed to remaining differences in optical clarity?


Pimax’s high FOV is a plus for watching movies but for most other non gaming applications it’s not very relevant and it’s disadvantage when it comes to achieving high PPD.

Maybe in the future we’ll see more devices like Panasonic’s googles(old news).

The prototype has only about 70 degrees FOV, reportedly no SDE,weights 150 grams.

70 degrees

No way would I even want to watch a movie like that. My 65inch display is already approximately 100deg horizontal FOV, and if I am going to be wearing a headset, I want more.

To say nothing about doing desk work for hours while wearing ‘blinders’.

150 grams

Now there is a feature I wish the 8kX had. :wink:

I am sorry for the lacking precision in my communication.
Pimax has its strengths, desktop work isn’t it. I suspect there is an inverse correlation between PPD and FOV. Also the comfort factor isn’t there, call me non immersed once my neck starts aching.

Agreed. And neck ache is a real problem.

Strange. I’ve never noticed neck ache and I wear my 8K for up to 5+ hours straight. This might be because I have a counterweight attached to the back of the headset. Yes, it’s heavier, but it’s quite comfortable (even though I’m using the OG cloth straps).

I’ve also used my 8K for movies and virtual desktop. Movies are pretty good, especially 3D movies, like Avatar. I really need more res to enjoy virtual desktop (even though the virtual screen is significantly larger than my 4K 28" monitor). In particular, icon labels and small text are very hard to read.

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Neck ache is more of a problem when trying to fit OVRDrop overlays into odd unused places on aircraft/spacecraft flight decks.


All I can say is that if those are your two biggest use cases you will be very happy… I plan to do a video in Bigscreen soon in my 8KX prototype so stay tuned for that. As for racing sims Asseto Corsa and P-cars have never looked better to me! I’ll even throw in a bit of American truck sim for good measure because I actually achieved a sense of presence just driving the roads in that one! []-)


Thanks vrgamerdude that is very encouraging. Can’t wait to see the Bigscreen app video.

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