As of today, the sound in the Pimax 8KX with DMAS is very quiet


As of today, the sound in the Pimax 8KX with DMAS is very quiet. I don’t see the problem.

I looked at everything in Windows 11. It’s only quiet in the 8KX, like it’s only 30% the volume. I’ve already tested the old Pimax cable and it doesn’t work either. Current Pitool version, also beta tested. always the same, the sound is quiet.

Has anyone had this problem?

Unplug pimax hdmi and usb, restart pc, turn it off, plug in all again, turn on pc.

I had similar problems when changing dmas to other headphones and back. I hope this will help you.


thanks, that helped!


There is a problem with the Pimax audio drivers… it must be set to 7.1 but it doesn’t mixdown properly to 2 channels and windows does a horrible job doing it manually through settings. I found this work around… Pimax should just put out a Firmware fixing this issue as it is completely driver related and probably an EASY fix, why they don’t do it is beyond me.

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