As an SDE hater and an FOV unbeliever. Pimax you done it!

Until something goes wrong and I have to RMA.

I’ll just say. I really really really hate SDE. On the Vive it hurt my eyes.

I’m not saying the Pimax 5K+ I have now has none at all but it’s really really unoticeable unless you really try to find a glitch in the matrix.

I didn’t think much of the FOV when I backed this a while ago. All I wanted was to get rid of the damn SDE that is plaguing VR.

Wearing the headset for the first time I genuinely smiled. Even on Normal mode I had to put my two fingers on the edge of my eyes to make sure it wasn’t a trick.


Sorry I thought I’d inject some positivity, this post is probably pointless but I was worried I’d think the 5K+ has too much SDE but I wanted to use virtual desktop mainly and it had the best text.


Congrats which day did you receive?

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12hrs ago, right now it’s 1am. I had to call Fedex at around 9am to reschedule but they delievered so Kudos to them.

The black dots are there I didn’t notice them before but on Skyrim I could see it.

The game runs fine on my 980Ti so far. A few visual glitches at the edges but this headset makes me excited for what VR can hold.

@Heliosurge I’m sure you noticed if you played SkyrimVR. On the Vive if you stand 2m away the eyes of NPCs gets really pixelated. It’s workable with the Pimax at that Distance. I just like the ability to see fine detail. The FOV becomes like an afterthought but once I put on my vive again it’s googles.


Black dots noticeable or do they disappear and can be easily ignored? Also, how was virtual desktop or big screen? Watching movies specifically

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Congrats on getting the headset. So far we’ve seen UPS, USPS, and now FedEx for USA deliveries. Why so many different options?


Thanks for posting! Dont forget to write some more impressions for us fellow backers still waiting :wink:

Regarding Black Dots, It’s noticeable but not really if you focus on other things. It’s always there but depends on the scene. Skin color tends to play a bigger role.

The good new is your eye’s focus for resolution is relatively low. What I mean is that you generally can only focus on a small part of your FOV. Depending on the image you will either find it obvious or not all.

I haven’t watched movies but the Imax on Bigscreen is at least 5x better than on the Vive. It’s not perfect not even close but it’s much more watchable doesn’t make your eyes hurt feeling like you are watching pixels all day.

@Petro9986 What would you like to know?


Well if your asking :smiley:

  1. Performance. Which games run well, wich are problematic. Your system CPU/GPU?

  2. Did you try some oculus games (lone echo?)? Any problems?

  3. Did you use the pimax-strap or the DAS(+adapter)?

I envy you :wink:


So far only tested Skyrim VR and Virtual Desktop.

Both run fine on my i7 6700K and GTX 980Ti. I haven’t checked CPU temps but my CPU has been a little hotter than usual, idle at around 47 degrees so I’m not sure if there’s something else going on. My 980Ti maxes out at 73 Degrees at 80% fanspeed and still sounds like a jet everytime I get an intense game going.

So far in the same areas I’ve been in skyrim it has kept a 90fps but I have the settings on mid-low just not to put too much pressure on my system.

Bigscreen Beta works perfectly, if you use it mainly for that I’d say even a 980Ti works fine.

I don’t have access to oculus cause I mainly bought a Vive knowing that I would use the lighthouses for Pimax eventually and the same controllers.

I have other games like Sairento or Super Hot haven’t tested them.

I haven’t bought many VR games. The only issue with Skyrim so far is certain areas in doors has things moving on the edges it’s quite distracting.

Sorry I don’t have a deluxe audio strap I really wish I did.

@Petro9986 Hopefully that answers some of your questions.

I’ve had the headset for less than 24hrs so I’m fiddling around with it and I went to sleep just now.


Can you try videos and tell me if you see black dots.


Sure, which ones. I’m just going to straight out say it it’s there and it can get annoying sometimes. But depending on the scene it can be really invisible.

On virtual desktop I never notice it but I noticed it on the skin of a few skyrim characters. That’s when it popped for me.


Thanks for the effort! :+1:

I also have a vive and steam is my homestore but there are some oculus games I really would like to try on the pimax.

The DAS is great, if I did not have it already, I probably would get me one and sell it again if the pimax one is superior. Still waiting for more impressions on the adapter.

Thanks again and have fun!

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If you ordered a Pimax I can say it’s definitely a stepup from the Vive.

No questions. Rough around the edges but even then the Vive has way too much SDE and Godrays for my taste.


I cant even see sde since i can only achieve 20/30 vision and that on the og vive. Pretty sure i cant see the black dots unless i shove it in my face.

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Any 180 or 360 vr video.

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Did you try it with VORPX ??? How 980 ti works with high resolutions ??? Cool you got your Pimax 5K+ congrats !!! :sunglasses:

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Sorry I don’t own Vorpx, I run Pitool at 0.75, SS at 0.80. It looks miles better than the Vive for me. Runs okish.


@Toba I tried the Total War Warhammer 2 360 Video trailer and didn’t see any Black Dots. But even at 4K 360 vids are kinda blurry tbh. In games is where this thing shines and it becomes more obvious at least to me. If I watch more vids over time I might change my opinion. I need something a little more specific though.

For real anyone who owns a VR Headset even though the Total War Warhammer 2 Launch Trailer 360 vid is a little blurry try it. It feels awesome in VR.


Is it better than the vive in videos? What about 180 vids. Thanks for taking the time to try it out.

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I wouldn’t say it benefits that much mainly because even 4K seems to be stretched to try to fit your entire FOV and more so I feel it’s more video limitation rather than the Pimax.

In games it’s great if you don’t notice the Black Dots. In Imax Virtual Desktop Regular videos feel like watching 720p videos from 5m away(RESOLUTION WISE) it still amazes me I can have an watchable Imax screen.

I’ll update you if I find more stuff to watch, I’m not a video guy sadly. I mainly use virtual desktop and play a few games.


180 videos will not look great save maybe small FoV as the other 2 options don’t give much room to move one’s head.