Artisan vs 5K+ anyone?

The 5K+ has been reduced in price on Aliexpress to not much more than the Artisan so now wondering if I would have been better off going for the 5K+ over the Artisan. (I’m not that bothered though as the Artisan seem to be getting good reviews so I’m sure it’s good anyway).

Would be interesting though if anyone with both headsets could give their opinion of the differences between the two (with the 5K+ on normal FOV). Would be very interested in over all clarity, SDE, super sampling needed.

I recommend the artisan, I’m a 5k+ owner. Haven’t used the artisan, but there are distortions in large FOV mode of the 5k+, so I basically only use normal FOV. From what I’m hearing the distortions are lessened on the artisan, and it also has a greater pixel density so it would look better. All of this with less performance requirements, so I really can’t imagine preferring the 5k+. That said, I do love my 5k+. I use normal fov 120Hz exclusively now.


Myself two week ago I sold my brand new 8K+ because I preferred my good old 5K+ serial 203 over it.
I ordered tonight the Artisan and cant wait to compare both again.
My wish or my expectations for the Artisan are :
-Need to have the same FOV as the normal FOV mode on my 5K+.
-Need to have the same sharpness and clarity as my 5K+.
-Need to have a little bit less sreen door effect then my 5K+.
-Need to have as good colors and contrast as my 5K+.

On top of that I should be able to raise the supersampling even more because of the lower panel resolution the Artisan have. My GPU is a 2080TI.

I will post a comment here when my comparaison will be done.

alyx was a lot better in large vs normal fov , the distortions can be lessened by playing with the distance of the lenses to your eyes (with thicker foam for example)

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The Artisian is better than 5k plus,and its very easy to run,i like it better than both the 5k plus and the 8k plus,in my opinion its the best vr headset you can get right now not just for the money but how well it does everything.


given the opinions of many people, it seems indeed a very good choice with a good quality / price


I am a 5K+ owner since june 2019.

I received the Artisan yesterday may 4th 2020 and I also had the 8K+ at the end of march 2020 but I resold it since.

The Artisan is not a better headset then my 5K+ for me.

If my 5K+ was a 10 out of 10 , I would say the Artisan is a 8.5 - 9 out of 10 and the 8K+ is an 8 - 8.5 out of 10.

The image is sharp on both headset. ( Equal - Same )

I found my 5K+ have better colors then the Artisan.

I also prefer the SDE pattern look on my 5K+ over the SDE with the Artisan.

To me the SDE or Pixels is a bit less visible on the 5K+ and a bit more present on the Artisan.

I also thought that the Artisan would be less GPU demanding with the lower panels resolution but it is not to my biggest surprise deception.

My PC is a Ryzen5 3600 CPU 4.25GHZ OC on all cores , Evga RTX 2080TI Black Edition also overclocked with Nvidia driver 445.75, 32GB Ram 3000MHZ.

Here are my benchmark results with Assetto Corsa with the same same settings with Pitool 255 at 120HZ with normal FOV on both headset. A back to back test and the second test with my 5K+ had a better average FPS result.


Hey Nofear99, with the pitool 255 you are using, do you have the option for large FOV or just normal? I used to see the large with my Artisan but when running at 120hz, Half life looked like crap, and I installed the lates driver with the Alyx ver. that will run it at 90hz, when I didn’t use it that way I tried to run the game normal from steam at 120hz and couldn’t, just looked crappy, and it was on large FOV, so as of now I am running it on 90hz. So I tried and installed the drivers 253, then had that updated to 258 and then I did the last update with the Alyx ver again and i’m running it in 90hz and for me it’s running perfect and I finished the game, couldn’t of asked more from this headset, but now I don’t see that option for a Large FOV, just the normal and small, so what happen? why did that option go away, am I losing out on running normal with this headset and not the large FOV option? And 120hz will run fine in other games, just can’t with HLA, and people on here were saying to up the maxres in steamvr file but that line is not there, seeing this is playing fine the way it is with 90hz, is it worth fiddling around to get 120hz? Is there a big difference in performance from 90hz to 120hz?

There is no large FOV option available with the Artisan for me.
Only small and Normal at 72- 90 -120 HZ.

I havent tested HLA yet with the Artisan but with my 5K+ the 120HZ mode for that game wasnt worth the difference.

90FPS is plenty enough for Half-Life Alyx while 120HZ is better suitable for simracing.

I have never been able to play half-life on large FOV with my 5K+, the game crashes. May be too much GPU demanding with my current settings.

How is the artisan compared to the 5k+? (assuming you got it already)?

I already resold the Artisan because I prefer the 5K+. The artisan was not easier for my graphic card with the same supersampling level and I prefer the 5K+ colors.
Also the pixel pattern or SDE look more clean and subtle for me with the 5K+.
The artisan image was as sharp as the 5K+ but if you can afford a 5K+ it is a better unit overall.

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