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Dear Pimax Enthusiasts,

Artisan Housing Update:

We received some reports that some Artisan housings can be affected by the some of the same housing quality issues that were also reported within some production batches of our 5k+ headset. These issues include reports of chips on the edges and cracks that can develop over time.

We had largely resolved these issues in recent months with reports of this sort of issue occurring far less often. The original problem was resolved via a greatly improved fully automated protective painting process that eliminated errors during all stages of the process. In fact, the base material used for the housing is the same for all of our recent headsets.

In the days leading up to the Chinese New Year our resources were more limited and unfortunately the manufacture of the Artisan housings did not use the new automated painting processes instead these unfortunately used an entirely manual process utilizing less experienced staff. Furthermore during a manual process it requires the staff to completely remove corrosive materials between application stages and if this is not done flawlessly this too can cause the housing to become fragile.

The bottom line is in our zeal to ship the Artisan as soon as possible and with limited resources near CNY we resorted to manual fabrication and coating processes which clearly have caused some of the early housing quality issues to reappear and we deeply apologize for this poor de cision.


  1. Utilize our highly successful automated fabrication and coating processes we established recent headsets and NOT deviate from it again.

  2. We are offering any customer with an issue with their Artisan housing a replacement and we will accelerate the RMA process for any customer with this issue.

  3. If any Artisan customer does not wish to receive an RMA replacement, we are offering them a full refund.

We are very sorry for this mistake and take full responsibility for it. We will not repeat this mistake again and are committed to improving every quality aspect of our headsets moving forward. We offer our sincere thanks to those who have trusted us to provide them with the best VR experience and truly apologize for the bumps along the way.



wow… i was wondering how they went from announcement at ces jan 7 to arriving in peoples hands 2 weeks later.

No we know. Please don’t rush the 8kx

How about early January products before CNY, are those painted correctly?
S.Korea began to sell Artisan from Jan. 08 and some of customers are complaining about little crack.
Does every product before CNY didn’t get rubbery painting?

Hello BBNelson,

Those were painted correctly, but they still found some cracks or wanted to get RMA/Refund, don’t hesitate to contact with our support.
They will assist to perform.

Have a nice day.


Would you consider doing a upgrade from the artisan to the 8kx

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