Artisan & 8k+ vs 5k+ , the less distortion

I just test the pimax artisan after testing pimax 8k+ last two week.

When I test pimax 8k+ , I feel the less distortion on normal fov when I test by fruit ninja.
As we know that when we turn around, we will found something like distortion at the edge moving at the same time.

When I try on 5k+ without comfort kit, it look this issue still available.

Today I just get pimax artisan and try to compare, I think it is not different with 5k+ while we still can see some sde at the below like a vertical line.

The interesting thing is I set potato fov on 8k+ and when I test pimax artisan, it remember the potato fov on 8k+ and render the potato fov on 5k+, but it is very narrow fov (narrow than the potato of 8k+).
Infact , pimax artisan can set only “normal” and “small” fov, it look pimax lock other fov on pimax artisan.

After finished testing pimax artisan, I swap to test 5k+ and I found that it show large, normal , small and potato fov for a period, after that the headset get updating and after that the “large and potato” fov is disappeared.

It look my 5k+ become artisan, only different is 5k+ has 144Hz to choose. I try to reinstall pitool and it not work. I suspect that the artisan is 5k+ which lock some function? Not sure about that.

When I test fruit ninja, I found that the 5k+ has more distortion when I turn around, but I think the 5k+ and artisan are same, I guess that artisan and 8k+ has less distortion because the comfort kit.

I try to block the vision between eye by finger (I just remember that I ever recommend people to do like this since the demo before kickstarter). I found that the 5k+ has same less distortion. I think the new headset is better about distortion because the new light block at the nose. It almost height at the middle of the lens and can block the vision of the other lens.

Conclusion : I think 5k+ can has less distortion if use the comfort kit or may you use another item to block the vision between eyes at the nose.

I am not sure that this less distortion caused by the artisan software or not because it look my 5k+ working like the artisan right now, but if it is not different too much, artisan is a better choice than pimax 5k+ by the cheaper price…


The Artisan FoV large is between Small and Normal. This is why the Artisan has less distortion as it is not using the full lense.


I always use small on 5k+ while the normal fov also has distortion, but it look better when block the vision of each lens at the nose.

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What do you think Artisan FoV it’s more similare Small FoV of the orhers one or Normal FoV?

Do you have Artisan Blue or Black?

Artisan blue, normal and small fov is same other pimax headset, only no potato and large.

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I think you might be putting some incorrect information out there by saying that the Artisan Blue has the same normal and small fov as other Pimax headsets. This is not what everyone else that has tested them has reported (me included). The blue Artisan on normal gives a FOV or between 121 and 124 degrees (seemingly depending on Hz and Pitool version). These results come from tests using both the hmdq tool and the ROV tool. The normal FOV on the other Pimax headsets is around 140 degrees. Have you compared them using the hmdq or ROV tool?


And just to add to the confusion, my black case Artisan on normal gives 131 hFOV, and on small gives 111 hFOV. PiTool 254a (but I tried 260 and I think it was the same).

So while Artisan has settings labeled ‘small’ and ‘normal’ they are not the same as any of the other headsets ‘small’ and ‘normal’ mode.


Anyone any ideas where I can get a copy of PiTool 254a to test this?

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Or this link


Thanks Hellosurge, someone else also pointed me to a previous post of yours.

I just tested my black case Artisan with 254a Pitool and got 124 degrees FOV but I think my firmware wasn’t right as I also couldn’t get more than about 12 FPS! My firmware on the headset is 255 something - I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to go back a firmware version so might just call it a day here and start focusing on having fun (as much fun as I can with wire wrapped around my neck half the time anyway!!)


With Artisan be careful as not sure what was the first firmware that supports the Artisan


Still not test by tool because my 8k+ not stayed while no comfort kit on 5k+, only borrow artisan from friend for 1 day.

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My Artisan firmware is and I get 131 hFOV from the hmdq tool.

I’m getting intermittent disconnects though, not sure what’s up. Could be firmware, USB port, loss of tracking, PiTool… I mailed the NA support address, let’s see if they have any suggestions.

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Have you tried the ROV test - it would be interesting if the extra 7 to 10 degrees you are getting reported with the hmdq tool are being translated to actual viewing degrees. Sometimes I get 121 degrees and sometimes 124 degrees reported using the hmdq tool but regardless of whether it’s 121 or 124 I see 122 with the ROV test.

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Unfortunately I have no controllers. As far as I can tell I can’t even launch the SteamVR home environment for the ROV tool without them. I’m still getting the headset disconnects after a few minutes of gaming, it just happened after about 5 minutes in VRChat. Headset says it’s disconnected, error 20300, and then on ‘diagnose’ it tells me HDMI/DP is disconnected.

Is this me doing something dumb, like a loose cable?

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I got that error the other day but not in the middle of game (it was after I’d been swapping Pitools around testing FOV). I strangely couldn’t solve it by re-starting Pitool or the headset so I tried re-installing Pitool (not a problem as had all the different Pitool install files to hand on my desktop) and that solved it.

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