Artemis Launch Delayed Again

Unfortunate to hear, hopefully the launch on Monday will go ahead successfully. I know @PimaxUSA, you said you were going to be there. Did you make it in the end? Gonna head again on Monday?

Can’t imagine travelling all the way out and then it being delayed yet again but I’m sure it’s still a fun day out!


It’s ok I’m sure Kevins use to it.

That actually made me laugh, well done.

Yep, was there and will be back up there again. It’s disappointing when launches are delayed but then safety first with this sort of thing. Took many years to build the SLS and none of it is reusable like Starship so extra careful is the order of the day. Btw I dragged my starlink out there for portable internet, mostly works great.


I wish NASA would stop the SLS and put their money into Spaceship.
Spaceship has so many clear advantages over SLS rockets. The earlier we switch to Spaceship for moon missions, the faster and cheaper we can get there.

Afaik, this was some weird bureaucratic relic that caused SLS to be mandatory, both to reuse parts and to bring back in certain individuals that were previously hired. After Artemis I think it’s done in that regard, but I also think NASA are done with manned missions themselves and rather will focus on outsourcing stuff like that to private space corporations.

I could be totally wrong, I just remember reading that recently so not sure how true it is. Maybe someone else more knowledgeable can chime in.

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