Arpara 5K now for sale on Amazon! WTF?

Just decided to log on to KS to see this scam in action again after 2 years.

And I came across this post.

Amazon Link

Apparently it has new packaging

but backers have yet to receive any update.

Don’t get your hopes up I also saw this post by someone who actually bought the damned thing

The package seems like the old white tethered headset alredy sold by Arpara prior the kickstarter in Aliexpress.

A couple of months ago I found a PreProduction unit of the kickstarter in eBay and bought it (black case and with the new face gasket). And the experience is very bad due the poor quality lenses and the horrible motion blur when you move the head. So it is nearly useless.

The chance of recovery on this KS is very poor.

Even if we eventually get it, it looks like it’s money in the toilet either way.

For everyone that throws shade at Pimax for all of their faults.

Realize that it could have been far worse.


Yeah, basically no chance…The supply chain didn’t received any message about AIO manufacturing

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Yeh Pimax are saints compared to Arpara.