Arma 3 possible?

I have been trying to get Arma 3 working on pimax 4k without using VORPX, tried vr switches in game and revive. Head tracking is working on the monitor but not in the hmd. Any of you clever people out there have any other ideas for me to try?


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Good question. This would be awesome.

From what @jonnypanic said the reason Dying Light worked with revive is that it had some kind of basic oculus support. But non-oculus, nonvr games not supported by revive.

However @WalterDasTrevas has some good info on Reshade 3d Vr opensoure program that may work.

I’ve never used VorpX , but I imagine that when depth buffer is inaccessible, regardless of the injector(ENB, ReShade, VORPX), 3D effects will not be possible.

ReShade was put on antivirus and anticheats whitelist , so whenever the game is competitive, the software automatically does not access the game depth buffer.
ReShade VR, for now, is just a hook for OVR, it still does not emulate the headtrack, so it’s basically a softer replacement for Virtual Desktop and BIGSCREEN.

But for me (I have a GTX970), it’s great because I do not need to play in 1080p, I can reduce the rendering to 75% and I get less aliasing than it would in “Video” mode in 1080p with 100% rendering.

And the best: I do not have to restart the HDM when I want to play with more FPS.
As soon as I finish Wolfenstein 2 (which uses only Vulkan, so it’s not compatible with Injectors), I’m going to test Fallout 4 SE (it’s almost certain to work as well as Skyrim with ReShadeVR).