Ark Survival Free til June 19 2022

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Is there a VR mod?

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There was some VR support and think there are some Mods out there. But cannot comment on Quality. I imagine VorpX likely works. In theory with the game having some kind of VR support(oculus I believe); modders can likely work with what is there as a base.

The last Terminator game had partial VR support that iirc heard it was disabled. So imagine it could be revitalized.

Just figured being free good to notify ppl as the price is right. :beers::sunglasses::+1:t2::sparkles:

I would imagine and hope Ark will have native VR support. Hopefully.

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Ah yeah, definitely good to share with folks. Maybe Ark 2 will have VR? Seems like the type of thing PSVR2 might enable.

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Couldn’t get Ark to run in VR on my Pimax. Took up too much hard drive to loose sleep over.

I haven’t tried it in sometime. But recall it runs in oculus mode.

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