Are we all going to end crazy?7

Could we know precisely when we will receive in France or at least Europe this bloody missing material to our purchase long months ago?
I do not understand the politic and strategy of pimax, because I order a set of helmets and controllers/base in December on the official PIMAX internet shop and probably like all the others, I only received the helmet, and can’t do anything with it, like others i guess…
So I ordered in january another set of controllers and bases in China via aliexpress and I received them 2 weeks later
I order two sets of helmets and controllers in China this week and it’s already on its way,
so why the hell don’t we receive our controllers and bases ordered by the official website long months ago ???
And now all this items are almost available directly on Steam…
More over, the two bases 2.0 i received already are not working at all… And Pimax ask me to see the problem with Valve, while Valve ask me to see that with Pimax because I bought it with Pimax. Both support teams have been asking me to send several mails, with log reports, asked to try so many things, in files, in pitool, even with another headset like a Vive… As if i was supposed to be a computer engineer in vr stuff…When i just want to be a Terrorist in Pavlov…



So what is the problem with the base 2.0 ?
Have you got them set to the correct channels ?

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Of course, i spent hours to try to fix them, tried all channels and so many things. But from the first time i plugged them, steamvr was clearly indicating a factory defect. lighting white, then lighting green after a miraculous update of firmware thanks to a htc vive headset, but still “factory defect”, and although steamvr sees them, they do not communicate. None of the vivepro or the 2 pimax 5k xr.


And as i recently read somewhere here, this is not correct that Pimax headsets work only on the channels 1, 2, 3 and 4 at this time.
my 3 bases are working on 1, 2 and 13…


What do you mean by factory defect?

Welcome aboard, yes, we are going to end in a mental institution, but we get to keep our headset for 3DOF :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And the first one that cracks, is out :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:



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“base station error
this base station has a factory defect
please contact the manufacturer for an exchange”

On both of them, delivered brand new

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Luckily, Pimax had ensured us, that they were testing every Index package, the past half year :thinking: And of course, that was holding the delivery back. Good to see we have faultless working packages for the few lucky ones who recieved them :laughing: Sorry for being sarcastic, it’s not that i don’t feel bad for you. More the opposite.
This show goes on and on…geezz.


Clearly the failure rate here is unacceptable, and yet Pimax are doing everything they can to not be on the hook. Basically every fear we had about buying from them in the first place.

Also, it’s 100% clear there was no testing at all. How could they, when all the stations are set to channel 1?

All the way back a year ago this was said to be all sorted out. Yet here we are, with people still having zero communication on purchases four months old or not working at all.



Yep, my wife told me not to get myself fooled again, but i wanted to be done with this sh*t, so i ordered plan F, wich should be free in the first place, because they did not deliver on the sword sense and base stations.
Anyway, bad desciscion.

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What is your methodology to determine what our failure rate is you used to declare it’s unacceptable? The level of information from some forum posts does not even come close to qualifying even as anecdotal. For most Pimax owners (like 99+%) you just plug them in, set the channels and off you go.

We work directly with Valve on this and I can tell the rate so far is extremely low as in negligible. Their factory testing procedure is to set individual LH to ch 1 for the final testing cycle prior to transport. 0% failure rate is always the goal but with electronics I’ve yet to see a device that cannot experience a failure.

Also what methodology have you used to “100%” determine these devices are not tested? The mere existence of a defective unit? By that logic you can claim all electronic products are not tested. This is another simply reckless claim.

In this stage of delivery when an issue is reported we closely consult with Valve to insure we are asking the right questions and performing the right procedures.


I believe from what @MrScopi meant to say, did not go solely about hardware problems but more about the experience we have all in all. The promises timelines and processing of orders for example.
Correct me if i’m wrong.

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He makes some very specific assertions:

  1. “100%” that hardware testing is not performed on base stations (yet he has no information on how many defects or what procedures are used) and even states “no testing at all” also with no information.

  2. That the failure rate is unacceptable. He possesses no information on this when for both LH and Index controllers it’s extremely low.

  3. He asserted that you cannot test a base station on channel 1. Totally false of course.


Why don’t you just give me as soon as possible a ticket for replacing the bases ?
Why should I try so many things ? Either asked by Pimax or Valve support team?
I’m not a backer, and I’m not an engineer!
Why is it so hard to get new ones?
i love the great adventure of VR but technical barriers come quickly to a point I can’t cope with.
It looks like Pimax addresses hardware to computer scholars, but most of us are just casual gamers


Hi Froggyfreddy,

It clearly should not be difficult to obtain replacements. Very sorry you have received a bad set.

We are working closely with Valve to make sure we quickly ask the right questions and make sure there really is something wrong so in each instance we talk to them about it. Almost all inquiries we’ve received from those with new base stations were resolved with just making sure they are positioned right, channels are set and pitool is installed. Only a very tiny number actually required replacement.

What we need to improve is how fast we go through the checklist and rapidly get the few that do need to be swapped changed out as quickly as possible.


Most Pimax owners (like 99%), still don’t have what they’ve paid (multiple times) for. Of those, we’ve seen, what, a few dozen people have issues with theirs? So tell me, is it 10%, 1%, or 0.1%? Put another way, if we’ve have ten failures, that’s either out of 100 shipped, 1000 shipped, or 10000 shipped.

I bet under 1000 have shipped, since even emailing out two game codes is taking this long (average rate, ten sets/ day).

100% not tested by you guys? You’re shipping basestations that don’t work. Could it be that maybe you are testing them, but then their slapshod packing (shoved into the back of the index packaging) is causing damage?

You have been claiming these shipments have been around the corner for nearly a year. Part of those excuses for the last six months have included that they needed testing and specific packaging.

They haven’t received packaging, why should I believe they have testing?


Oh, as for #3, I didn’t imply that channel 1 implied no testing, I implied that a functioning set does not exist with two systems on channel 1. It’s great to know that Valve ships then this way too.

By the way, since we’re on the topic, has there been any further information on when Alyx should show up in my library? Is there something else I need to do? I’ve gone as far as updating the controllers firmware, so they should be as linked as they can be with my account.


If pimax as you have said is testing the Lighthouses prior to shipping them out @Froggyfreddy would not have received 1 let alone 2 Lighthouses with A Factory defect. As by your numbers they were 100% tested before shipping.

Your numbers are off 2% to 90% accuracy.

Now by test did you mean to say you only tested to see if psu made lighthouse power up? Or did you mean power and test function as was indicated.


Every day i ask myself why we all are putting this much energy and resources in this. While doing it, i just don’t know why???
The only thing i could come up with, is: Justice.