Are Virtual LAN Parties finally viable with the 8KX?

I know this isn’t the 90s or Early 2000s but there is always something visceral about seeing everyone at one place gaming.

I’ve tried using BigscreenVR and Virtual Desktop in the past and while they are good apps and I enjoy them, it just felt like an overall much inferior experience to game using them even with my 5K+ although having the game surround your entire FOV is always cool.

If the 8KX can provide similar to a Desktop gaming experience in VR in terms of picture quality. It’ll probably also be the best headset for VR movie nights.


that kind of implies seeing the other people, there reactions
but would need body and face tracking and from that we are still years off
social heavy company like facebook might deliver on face tracking (they showed really impressive stuff so far), body tracking with attached sensors might not be the future, more something like the cam’s on the headsets (quest, rift s, cosmos) plus kinect like cam(s), maybe sony will deliver in that direction with its psvr2

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well we have eye tracking and finger tracking.

i don’t think the position of the pupils will help you to see what the other is thinking, its about the face (muscles), but after seeing facebooks research that seems to be no problem in 2-3 years (but i dont think i’d use such thing from facebook or google, even eye tracking data is off limits with this big data collectors)

Do I want to give Google or Facebook more info? Prob not.


Well will need to be offline to not share. :smirk:

Eye tracking is scary in terms of what it can reveal about your subconscious. Let’s not give the companies trying to profile you for advertising profits or even government profiling have that data about you.

Which sucks big time, because at some point we’re not going to be able to stop it anymore… Or we must cover our eyes in tin foil


Indeed we all watched Blade Runner to know how much the eyes can be used.

I recall it being proposed to legislate what Eye tracking can be used for in the past to possibly protect users.

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Legislation only protects to a certain open commercial level. If you tell the US they can’t, what’s to prohibit the CIA or FSB to do it covertly anyway? The data is too valuable to only let the enemy have it.

I don’t disagree as many countries like the US take advantage with monitoring their citizens in a variety of ways for “so called homeland security”.

The movie 7 even mentioned something as simple as profiling ppl by monitoring books signed out of libraries. Or US government pressuring companies like Apple to install backdoors.

Legislation is really only there to potentially protect consumers from corporations.

The latest euphemism seems to be “data souvereignty” instead of “data economy”. An option to only provide eye-tracking information to the driver for foveated rendering and not the application itself might become crucial.
Good that Pimax is heading more into an OpenSource direction now, I am almost certain that disabling sending eye information to applications will not be an option in the Oculus/Facebook universe…

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Agreed Opensource gives more protection as code can be viewed & scrutinized.

I saw an inquiry with I believe Linus Torvalds Dad asking Microsoft about backdoors & how could they be sure without seeing the code.


you should not even try to search the “wrong” books on shops like amazon, especially related to what U.S. agencies might find as dangerous
(at last not using your normal isp address)

nice thought, beside the lobbying thing there is also the legislation letting private company’s collect information they can’t collect and afterward making deals with that company’s to access this data

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and you think software can’t record activity’s while you are offline and transmit it when you are online again?

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Just to give you an idea, some years ago my company ran a test project for monitoring athletes during a marathon where we gathered data about each individual’s performance without reliance on intrusive gadgets. In the future, people could self-monitor without the need for specialist kit, or paramedics could get an early warning of someone with a heart issue etc.

Modern digital cameras as included in smartphones etc are becoming so sensitive that they can be used to gauge heartbeats reasonably reliably, by simply tracking the pulse from your pupillary blood vessels.

However, if you then extrapolate from that, you could also use it to monitor micro changes of stress levels, including whether someone is lying etc etc a la the Voight-Kampff test

So there’s a world of BladeRunner-esque innovation already here, it’s just whether we use it responsibly or not…

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as stated above, for real social interaction you need more then just the position of your pupils (or hot zone where in the picture you are looking)
combine it with expression of your face (if its fast enough you will even capture involuntary micro expressions) and for capturing the motion we use bracelets on arms and legs? nice that not just gives us information about the muscles moving, also we can capture skin resistance and heart rate
want to scare some people to death, with that data you might be able to try at least

also some fun, remember clockwork orange, “Ludovico Technique”
with eye tracking you can make people see your advertisement, you know if the eyes are open and where on the screen they’re looking - you can’t continue before you really watched the advertisement and the one selling it (FB, G) can give its customers kind of guarantee the it was watched

have a minute? look for “google selfish ledger”

edit: it does not hast to be bad as described above, you can also use the same tech to soften a horror adventure to the individual player so that its sill fun to play
and it might be useful for education or might improve how you learn to drive a car safely (“you have’nt checked the speed in the last 5 minutes and it creased by 10mph”), the feedback can be amazing but it has risks too


Machines that remain offline from online ones share nothing. Hasn’t the reboot of Battlestar Galactica taught us nothing. Lol

kind of difficult to use steam that way

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Which of course is always on the fringes of varying morality that can find reasons to justify an action that another might find unconscienable.

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Not at all. I transfer my library for example between offline machines. Simply by copying games to a flash drive. Now granted a trogen could be transfered between offline & online system. :smirk: