Are there sensors on the side of 8kx?

every time i grab the sides of the 8kX to adjust it on my face I lose tracking for a few seconds which is mildly annoying. I dont recall this happening on the 5k+ so I was wondering are there less tracking sensors on the 8kX?


Happens to me every time on my 5k+. Even to adjust headphones. Any hand or hands near the side of the headset interrupts tracking.:woozy_face:


same here, been doing it since it arrived more than a year ago. I just learned to ignore it because the alternative is going down the rabbit hole of an RMA with pimax. And now, because my X is on the way and will hopefully not have the same issue.

Mine did it on two different 5k+. Might be lighthouse placement but never had a problem even with two vives at one time in the playspace with two lighthouses. So my bet is on the pimax. It resolves it self quickly enough that it’s a slight annoyance.

I dont know if the 8kx have more sensors, but i had the 5k+ and now the 8kx and in my oppinion tracking is better for the 8kx. But if you ingame feel your tracking start to “lag” then you have to adjust your base stations and the issue will go away.

Personaly i did not have problems when i adjust the 5k+ or 8kx with my hands inside of games, but “only” while i was on the desktop and used the pimax software… its like its very sensitive when only using the pimax software, but if you turn on a vr game and alt+tab on the dekstop it dosent matter that much if you block the view of the lighthouses but it ofcourse depend how long time your put your hands on the headset before it stop tracking on one of your lighthouses. some games might have an issue with that…

The sensors on 8KX side.Please avoid covering them up


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