Are the original Vive base stations compatible with the new base stations?

I upgrade to Pimax Plan F… so one day (hopefully not years) I’ll receive the VALVE controllers and base stations. I already own original VIVE controllers and base-stations but I’m wondering if I could use all 4 bases at once (old and new)? Is that possible and is it worth doing even though I’m using VR in a relatively small room?

Using more version 1 and 2 base stations together isnt possible as far as ive understood it.


I am pretty sure they aren’t using the same scanning method an therefore won’t work together.

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When you get em, just sell the old ones :slight_smile: V1 base stations and those controllers retain value very nicely.

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Vive themselves say not compatible.


Thank for info guys… much appreciated but I do have one last question… if I chose not to sell the older version with the VIVE controller my other option possibly could be to use the new system for the room to move about and in the corner of that room I have a simpit for flying/racing… but I don’t have one VR PC… is it difficult going back and for between the two systems on a single PC?

Again… thanks for the input!

I can understand the base stations retaining resale value but those vive controllers are junk but hey good from the sellers perspective.

If you use openvr advanced settings or some other addon to handle the playspace profiles i dont think its should be more than four clicks in a menu to switch to a different defined play space.

You dont want the two different lighthouse versions in the same room unless you power one down when using the other, they would interfere with each other.

As for having a sim pit outside of the main play space itself that isnt necessarily an issue if using just one set of base stations as long as the HMD still has line of sight to a base station, im currently typing this while wearing my 5k+ and sitting outside of my defined play space.

The screenshot below is from a game where i have mapped out my couch and living room table, on and at which im sitting down to type this, i took the screenshot standing on the far end of room/cable range.
(my pc is below the right of the two lighthouses)

The two circled red boxes are where my lighthouses are positioned and they are pointed towards the center of the dark carpet/play space, ive placed down some transparent shapes to show the outline of my defined playspace.
The carpet/playspace is 3.6x2.4m and the couch is 2m wide so when taking the screenshot i was about 5 meters (16 feet for those of you that only speak hamburger) from the single base station that can see me.

While here on the couch i think that both lighthouses actually see me and tracking is near perfect except for the right controller that sometimes gets blocked a little if im leaning over my controllers when im building something intricate.

Behind where my couch is i have my sim setup with a car seat, hotas on stands and pedals and i never have any tracking issues there.

My living rooom is as wide as the playspace and maybe an extra meter beyond where i was able to walk to take the screenshot and i have quite seriously considered throwing out all my furniture to maximize my roomscale space but i also store some stuff in book cases and the tv bench that sits in front of my table that i would have to relocate so i havnt done it yet.

If you are into roomscale games you can get extra watchman bluetooth dongles and set the vive wands to be used as body trackers, the two you have could let you track your feet, picking up another or a tracking puck would allow for one on your hip as well and thats enough for convincing full body tracking.

If your sim rig has haptic feedback in form of motion you could use a controller for motion cancellation.

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I will sell my 1 V2 base when it arrives as I have a pair of V1s which are sufficient.
I was going to sell my Vive wands but found a use for them by attaching them to a broom stick for use in Downstream VR Whitewater Kayaking. Really makes the game more like a sim. Love the workout. :sweat_smile:

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@ dogbite Now that I’ve received my ver. 2 bases I actually prefer the cube shape of Ver. 1 better although aesthetics are not utimately what matters so I’ll sell it on kijiji or something. Hey wait, I’ll trade you my single ver 1 for your single ver 2 :wink: :thinking: :crazy_face:

Neat idea on straping those vive wands to pole ends…reminds me of the wii nunchucks or whatever they were called.

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If you’re serious, I will give it some thought. A back up V1 would be a reasonable consideration. Just got an email today that they are ready to ship and confirmed shipping details with them. Looking at about a month if they don’t fall down on anything.

Ya, got the pole idea from a guy on Steam. Game changer. Like the difference in driving with a wheel vs an XBox ctrl.

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Yes I am serious, I’d rather sell/trade here with a fellow enthusiaist than the general market of kijiji. Thanks for the consideration.

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I don’t dislike them nearly like most people do. I have index controllers, and a quest. I do think the analog sticks are way better, but vive ctrlers are very nicely weighted and STURDY compared to the competition. I’ve done some barbaric things with vive controllers haha.

Index controllers feel the best, very high quality. My favorite too, but if I’m being honest I had more issues with grabbing items and ‘not letting go’ during alyx especially with indeces than with the oculus controllers.

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I do agree that their study-weighted qualiity…makes them perfect as door stops :wink:

"but if I’m being honest I had more issues with grabbing items and ‘not letting go’ during alyx "

yes same here, and as well in Stormland. Very annoying.

I’m excited for the new refresh of the quest and it’s jedi controllers. Finger tracking is cool, natural grip is a good concept too. But just like touch screens, if your hands are clammy or hot there’s a small distance they work without contact, and that’s just not a solid experience when we’re trying to nail tactility. Frankly, I think a button should be re-introduced along with the sensors in the index.

The plastic-y quality of the oculus controllers makes them just feel bad to me, if they had the weight and quality of indices I’d think they’re hands down better. Just like VR HMDs, every controller has its qualities (aside from WMR lol), if we could combine all of them we’d have the solution.

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wow… that was a really cool post. Thank you for taking the time to explain that to me. MOST HELPFUL!!!

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