Are the dead pixels fixable by software or not?

I’ve seen several mentions of repairing the pixels with software and I was wondering if anyone has tried them and if they work or not?
There was a link to a website that would provide the patterns, yesterday. It will give an epileptic seizures! Did anyone try it?

All I know it worked on my phone once

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If i am not wrong they can be software or hardware related.
If software related, a firmware update should fix it.
In the hardware case it would need replacement but not sure at all.

It depends.

There are 3 types of problematic pixel:

  • Dead pixels are dead because… they are dead. They don´t move, act, nothing.
  • Fat pixels are just lazy. Generally they slowly (as the panel heats) start working, first they stay black or white and then start woking as advised.
  • Emo pixels don´t quite follow the rules. Generally they are working, but suddenly stops for no reason. They can be a defective pixel or a problem in the controller ?!

Only the fat pixel can be fixed by software (puting it in shape).


The warm cloth method often can work for stuck pixels. Take a very non-abrasive soft cloth, dip it in hot water, squeeze out all excess liquid. Wait a minute or so until the cloth is very warm to the touch but not blazing hot. Apply even pressure to the area with the stuck pixel with finger pressing a couple layers of cloth without any fingernails or sharp things pressing against the clock until you see a slight lcd ring form around the pressure area. Hold for 10 seconds the release. Make sure no moisture is left on the panel or anywhere. Test. Repeat as needed.


I have fix dead/stuck pixel on my PSP before. Just use a program that run RGB in loop and leave it over night


Just picked up my headset from the post office. Not looking forward to finding any issues with it.

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Think positive and let us know! :crossed_fingers::four_leaf_clover:

and Congratulations!!! :sparkler::fireworks::clap:

Thanks man!

Though when it comes to Pimax, thinking possessive only leads to disappointment lol.

So surprise, I do have some issues.Luckily so far its only with software. I Downloaded the pitool and it crashes on start up. Did the trick were you rename the ssleay32.dll to get around it. Now the software launches but the headset isn’t being detected and I also get a Application Integrity Error in the Diagnostics window which I’m assuming is due to me renaming the ssleay32 file. I Tried restarting, reinstalling and tried to connect the headset to every usb/display port on by PC but nothing works.

Anyone know of a solution to fix this issue?

Ok got it working. Had to uninstall and install version .76. Happy to report no dead pixels!


I would say that it is safer to attempt this with a dry cloth first. Just throw some in the clothes dryer until it gets hot enough (or use a hair dryer, etc). If it doesn’t work with a dry cloth, then you can try with a wet one.

However, the method I would actually suggest is this one.

Some examples:
InjuredPixels for Windows - Free Download | Aurelitec (free download, dead/stuck pixel finder)
JScreenFix - JavaScript Screen Pixel Repair (no download required, pixel fixer)

They might require a desktop viewing app (ie Bigscreen Beta) to use them properly. Also, you might need to leave them on something that vibrates (ie clothes dryer) to prevent an inactivity timeout.

Pimax should sell a Headset + hairdryer bundle, as the hairdryer seems to be essential. (remove fog, resuscitate dead pixels, burn your house down)

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