Are Pimax headsets compatible with Oculus Quest In-Ear Headphones?

Pimax headsets like the 8K+ or 8KX have two audio jacks and the Oculus Quest In-Ear headphones are designed to go into each jack of the Quest. So I’m guessing they would probably work with Pimax too.

When I used to own a Quest and tried these earphones, the sound was very good. Deep bass, quality surround immersion. Sound was somewhat close to the Valve Index. I think they would be a good accessory to use while people wait for the Deluxe MAS?


Nobody “Used” to own a quest. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s something you keep.

In seriousness though I see no reason it wouldn’t work

Unless they are too short. .


In theory it should as the p4k used 2 audio jacks. If like the p4k each jack is stereo

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