Apple VR might get delayed until 2023

There are rumors that the Apple VR headset that was initially scheduled for this year might not make it in time.
Futher incentive and opportunity for Pimax to actually make it this year, guess the Apple VR headset will be/would have been the no1 competitor for the Pimax 12k.


That‘s a bummer. This to me is the most exciting headset of them all: it could end up being too much focused on use with Apple-exclusive apps and possibly serve use cases which I don‘t or hardly need, and possibly not support SteamVR, but I expect them to enter the scene with a bang and shift some of the goal posts we know today. Add the power of a (lower power version of the) M1 chip to that, and it could be an eye opener.

Project Cambria will surely be a great evolution, but nobody expects it to revolutionize the space.

And I expect both to be in different leagues to the Arpara‘s, Pimax 12K etc. which is why I might not have the money left to buy any of those - and possibly not even any interest, if money was not the issue.

Thinking about this, perhaps the seemingly extreme FoV of the 12K is a good approach after all: Pimax may need to carve out a mini-niche where really nobody of the more R&D-potent competitors is going even into faintest proximity. Although so far I am still waiting for anyone aiming for a sweet 140 degrees horizontally FoV for their headset, which in my view would be a great FoV vs. PPD compromise for a dual 4K headset for gamers.

Has there been any legit leaks about the FOV Apple is trying to get working? With an M1 chip in the HMD it would certainly have to power to do PP conversions on the HMD rather than the primary GPU. That alone would set it apart in the world of Wide FOV HMDs; but I’m really, really doubting Apple is building something that will compete in the Wide FOV market. They want this device to work reasonably well on good, but by no means top-tier, CPUs and GPUs. (Although, the way M-Chip Macs are designed; it’s a LOT like much older computers such as the Amiga and Atari ST series; chips that are very fast at certain tasks, making the computers incredibly good at some things. It’s possible Apple will leverage these functions to get vastly better performance than their CPU/GPU specs would suggest then can get.)

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Don’t know. Rumors talk about 8k displays (per eye?), so if this is true then it will either be high PPD or FOV - or a mix of both… (and probably a lot of interpolation, even a M1 Max won’t be fun at 8k, let alone 2x8k if it has to compute every pixel).
Could imagine that this will primarily or even exclusively be standalone. Would make sense if the internal GPU is as good as the best alternative offers from Apple. And I doubt that they see value in supporting PCs with faster GPUs (and Steam), the walled garden app shop is probably their money maker no. 1.
But - we’ll see, those who currently talk about the subject can only do so because they don’t know anything about it :slight_smile:

I hate Apple. Never like having walls around everything they do. I am sure they’re going to force you to get iPHONE to work with their HMD, another lame wall.

if it even exists. All this huff over a company that has no history of VR.

I’ll care when I see it.

I feel like all these rumours are just wishful thinking at this point.

At this point even the Apara seems more like a real product.

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