Apparently 120hz firmware doesn't exist for 8kx 2076!

I have the 8kx m2001 firmware version 2076. From what i understand this is the newer version. I reached out to pimax asking to test the beta firmware and received the following short response :confused:

Hi Andrew,

i 'm sorry. There is no 120hz firmware version.

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Technical support team


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If I haven’t imagined it and there really is 120hz firmware available would you mind posting me a link please?

Yes it exists. I use it. No. People who have it are not allowed to share it. Its a closed beta. They will release it when they deem it stable enough for public hands.

Thats good news then. So who do I need to speak with to get a copy?

@PimaxQuorra can likely look into your request.

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HI Bobross:
Sorry the bad experience of cs
Please kindly check you PM , I’ll send you the 120hz firmware.

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How is the 120hz firmware coming along for the 2075 models?

It almost certainly is never coming. The 2076 model uses a different and newer chipset. Outwardly it looks like the older 8KX, but internally this is a new headset. That’s why it uses completely different and incompatible firmware.

So it’s not just a matter of writing the same feature into the older firmware. The older chipset needs to be capable of it, and it almost certainly is not.

This 120Hz firmware seems to have come into existence shortly after the arrival of the 2076 model. If the 2075 model was capable of 120Hz, Pimax would have developed that already. Rather the 2075 was originally restricted to 75Hz, and Pimax was able to push that chipset to 90Hz which it seems to barely be able to do. The new chipset started with 90Hz outright seemingly without needing any fancy Pimax hot rodding, and 120Hz seems to be what Pimax can push that one to with their hacks.


Think the panels have also been revised. The original ones were specified at 75Hz, which already run in overdrive at 90Hz. Therefore, they also tend to smear in upscale mode at the highest frequency.

Hit and Miss of 90hz on 2075 looks to be Nvidia side as Amd 6000 gpus(6800 and 6900) compatibility seems more solid at 90hz. The prime limiting factor to go higher seems to be the Bridge Chip used in the older model that is limiting higher Stable refresh rates.

I suspect pimax has been able to push it higher to maybe 110hz but is not stable enough to even consider mentioning it.

@dstar we know pimax advertised the older 8kX prematurely as having upscale 120hz(as they said the panels were capable) but were only able to achieve 114hz. However yes the 2076 model is said to be using revised panels.